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  1. RickyVoorhees

    Fury Figeroa-Bonafide Brotha

  2. RickyVoorhees

    Fury Figeroa-Top Of The Food Chain

    It still amazes me how slept on Fury is. IMO he is the best artist over past decade. He has what 6-7 projects that dropped and all of em are classic. But this new shit "Top Of The Food Chain" is his best work to date. I've been anticipating it since I first saw the album cover. This album took...
  3. RickyVoorhees

    Any updates from C-Way?

    What's new with the camp? Can we expect anything to drop anytime soon? Still bumpin that Bleezo. . .
  4. RickyVoorhees


    Is this a solo album? mixtape? compilation? What?
  5. RickyVoorhees

    Reason Of The Siccness

    Who do ya'll think had the best verse? I think they all came correct but i'ma go with Bo Loc. . .
  6. RickyVoorhees


    This is just a post giving props where props is due. I've never liked dpg. But Warren G has always came out with his own classic music. Very under apreciated IMO. . .
  7. RickyVoorhees

    New Vamp Dogg

    VAMP-WE SAV OUT - YouTube
  8. RickyVoorhees

    New Vamp Dogg

    VAMP-WE SAV OUT - YouTube
  9. RickyVoorhees

    Locc 2 Da Brain Reunion

    I want to hear this I don't know if it's still happening. BUT, How can it be Locc 2 Da Brain without Lynch? That shit doesn't make sense. I realize that Doc doesn't rap anymore and cats might not want to fuck with em but Lynch has to be a part of it. Maybe see if Babe Reg, T-Tay, Foe Loco want...
  10. RickyVoorhees

    C-Way Mafia Mixtapes

    Can someone up these? The one's on DatPiff aren't working. Thanks!
  11. RickyVoorhees

    Albums I slepped on. . .

    I recently made and effort to try and get into some of the newer "rap" music that has been released. I found a few artist I can get into but for the most part it really just made me appreciate albums I took for granted, Like Lynch By Inch, EBK4, PCO, Triple Beam. I bought them BMR releases but...
  12. RickyVoorhees

    Locc 2 Da Braing Comp

    Can someone upload that Locc 2 Da Brain compilation someone made please?
  13. RickyVoorhees

    Polo Da Trigga Man

    Loved his shit on P-Folks shit and that Head Drama. Did he ever drop a solo?
  14. RickyVoorhees


    I know Cuzz post on here, But honestly I've been sleepin and hadn't peeped anything he's dropped. Is it worth the skrill to check out? If so what should I peep first?
  15. RickyVoorhees

    Young Bop

    Did this ever drop? I've got Handsome Ghetto. Never seen this though. . .
  16. RickyVoorhees

    LIQ-36 & Rob Roy- The Grizzly Effect

    Did these officially drop yet? Anyone know where I can get hard copies at?
  17. RickyVoorhees

    Look me in my face doe! lol. . .

    Brotha Lynch Hung - A fucc U to first degree the DE part 1 - YouTube Lynch with some words from DE, And yeah I know it's a few months old. . .
  18. RickyVoorhees

    X-Raided Psycho Active 2 cover

    Saw it on G-Macc's FB page thought it was dope so i'd post it for ya'll. What do you think?
  19. RickyVoorhees

    Lynch speakin on de's retarded ass