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    VladTV interviews E-40

    Dope interview I thought. He addresses the so-called beef with Mac Dre about 1hr into the interview. Cool for those who didn’t know the whole E-40 story.
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    Locksmith & KXNG Crooked – Blasphemy [Video]

    Death Row chain on the only time I wear blood diamonds damn do they have a collab album coming on Mello Music Group?
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    A Wax-Envisioned

    Just watched it on YouTube and was coming to check if it had been posted on here already... Exactly what I was thinking as I was listening, he’s actually talking about real life situations.”DJ Vlad won’t interview me but reported my arrest”
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    Trife Gang Rich Ft. A-Wax - John Wick

    I was watching this interview he did with Trife Gang Gzz with the Rap Shack last year. He definitely was on something then
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    Trife Gang Rich Ft. A-Wax - John Wick

    What happened?
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    Whats up with Joe Blow?

    He’s turned into a militant rapper looks like:
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    Curren$y and Harry Fraud - The OutRunners

    Dope project.
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    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    Hard copies available at
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    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    Yeah I know, but the way the song is with A-Wax doing the chorus and having a longer verse than Trife Gang Rich it could easily pass for his song
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    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    I wish he’d put the track John Wick on there. I don’t mind Trife Gang Rich on that track and A-Wax verse, chorus and the beat are dope.
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    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    I don’t think it’s in stores yet. If you check his website it still says hard copies coming soon
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    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    I think he managed to change his style music many times during his career, staying current and at the same time not compromising his content
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    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    Good album overall. I like tracks 1 to 5 and then 9 to 13.
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    A-Wax Allegedly (album) out July 3rd

    I think he’s been doing 2-verse songs for a while now going back to the ELM vol.1-2 album days already
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    A-Wax - Unapologetic (Video)

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    New A-Wax Interview

    Talks new albums, Joe Blow beef, CML and Philthy Rich making music together...
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    A-Wax- Dinner Plate Video

    This songs growing on me.