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  1. Dugless206

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Any of you shitheads played this shit yet? Ive loved all of the previous Elder Scrolls games but never played a MMORPG. These fuckers want me to fork over 60-80 bucks to download the game on the laptop then like 15 a month too? I need some feedback before I jump on in. Game looks pretty dope...
  2. Dugless206

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    what about Crushin Feelings though? Bn_q-kZLieU
  3. Dugless206

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    i liked the track Dueces he dropped last week or whatever but ESGN wasnt as great as I was expecting. I would like to hear more tracks like "Neverending Cycle." Songs with meaning or a purpose. Everything on ESGN sounded nearly identical to the last song. Dont get me wrong, beats were dope...
  4. Dugless206

    HBO's "Luck"

    New series directed by Michael Mann starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte. Starts January 29th. Anyone else looking forward to it? Look promising from the previews.
  5. Dugless206

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    yeah Miseductation of Freddie Gibbs and MidwestBoxframecaddillactrunkmusic or whatever are the two best ones I think along with str8 killa. I dont know, I was kind of worried when he signed to CTE, and everything ive heard him on with Jeezy doesnt sound like Gibbs fits on it. I hope any album...
  6. Dugless206

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    I feel the same about this one as Nispeys new one. Its just okay. Freddies other mixtapes are all better than this one personally.
  7. Dugless206

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    was already downloading this, just waiting to get it before i drive off slappin some new Gibbs, i been waiting for this one
  8. Dugless206

    No NFL teams attend T.O.'s hyped workout No teams attended Terrell Owens' workout in Calabasas, Calif., on Tuesday, but the 37-year-old receiver said he was confident that he showed enough that teams will be interested. The free-agent receiver...
  9. Dugless206

    The Boy Boy Young Mess aka Messy Marv & Pittsburgh Philthy 11-1-11 on Itunes

    amazing graphic work on this one:cheeky:
  10. Dugless206

    Trooper to 118 mph Cliff Harris: 'Who’s got the marijuana?'

    s/o to Soco. Go Dawgs! qIXF6E6fmL0 NEAR ALBANY, Ore. – Unedited dashboard camera footage from an Oregon State Police patrol car acquired by KATU News shows a trooper scolding Oregon Ducks stars Cliff Harris and Darron Thomas after pulling them over at 4:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning in June...
  11. Dugless206

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    i bought this the day it dropped cuz well, its gibbs ho!
  12. Dugless206

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    gangsta gibbs, fresh out the fridge, 40 below flow...this made my day, i need some new Gibbs
  13. Dugless206

    Wax and Nonstop

    Black Diamond, off NFES 3, two of the best right now far as i gather FM3l8doSj1M
  14. Dugless206


    hopefully dude is in a better place now, kickin it with his buddy Layne. My buddy Travis (formerly of Second Coming) now lead vocals with Post Modern Heroes was a good friend of his. Dude was fighting alot of demons.
  15. Dugless206

    Any Black Metal fans here?

    not really into it but i watched the piece did on Gorgoroth from Norway, specifically their former frontman Gaahl, and i thought it was very interesting to say the least heres part one of five, the rest are in the related videos i4U33U_UyzQ
  16. Dugless206

    Knockouts and Tapouts 2 - Saturday August 14th Tacoma Elks Club

    Hey I shoulda let you bastards know earlier but if you can make it, there is some big shit goin down at the Tacoma Elks Club on Union Ave Saturday night. 6 boxing and 4 mma fights total. Mike Joy from the WEC and Brad Blackburn From ufc's TUF on the mma card. Two state title bouts on the...
  17. Dugless206

    Seattle Police Officer Punches 17 year old girl for JAYWALKING!

    <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  18. Dugless206

    Knockouts and Tapouts

    I was gonna post this in the sports forum but since its NW shit im doin it here... My friends first event for his promotion company GUY Promotions is Saturday June 5th 2010. This will be an event featuring Pro MMA and Pro Boxing fights all in the same night! It is at the Renton Communtiy...
  19. Dugless206

    Strong Arm Steady - In Search of Stoney Jackson

    who heard this one yet? im just on first listen but its dope so far