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    Siccness Illuminati Rolls Royce

    What yall think about this I got a few theories if you wanna hit me on PM never know who is reading this shit we can discuss in AIM dueces
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    This is just sad.

    They should be happy Spotify is paying them anything when downloads are free Fuck outta here with that shit
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    New Mix // Psilo - Just A Sample (Ghettofunk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Breaks)

    I love slappin weird shit in my car Have people like what the fuck
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    Blockhead - Chill Trip-Hop

    Beatmaker for Aesop Rock. I fucks wit it. On the downside - Slightly repetitive, can be monotonous at times. On the upside - Good arrangements, interesting samples, great background music. Cherry Picker kind of reminds me of a more complex version of the Boondocks intro / end beat...
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    Mexican Music Banda, Ranchera, Kumbias, Tex-Mex

    Ysz_H_iEW0A Video is lightweight yuks but I'm feelin the song. Dont use Pandora...I use Rhapsody. My shit is Calibre 50, El Bebeto Y Su Banda, and Roberto Tapia I also fuck with Toy Selectah and Nortec
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    Mexican Music Banda, Ranchera, Kumbias, Tex-Mex

    my girl fuck heavy with J ALvarez And That song "tu cuerpo me llama" by reykon Colombianas love reggeaton too
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    new minus the bear

    Omni was such a good CD No mandatory skip songs
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    Mexican Music Banda, Ranchera, Kumbias, Tex-Mex

    One of my current is Colombian she is into a whole bunch of shit I have never heard Like entire genres I have never heard Ill run this by her
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    little basket throwin retard I bet you he got pussycat after this "I caught fire" He seem pretty high functioning for an autistic tho
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    Can Somebody Please Upload The New KoRn album called The Path of Totality?

    first cd was cool. in 96. anything after that I dont condone. lol
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    New DJ Shadow: I give up. Hahaha.

    Shit is worse than the outsider. Take how many, 4, 5 years to make a garbage album? Dude is out his mind. Terrible. I could have phoned in a better album. Like yea throw a high hat in, guitar, I coulda put some better shit together with someone on the other end with a pen and a pad and...
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    Mexican / Regional beliefs...

    This shit is interesting to me... Like as a whitewashed Mexi some of the shit I was never exposed to. For example Latinos believe if you go from hot to cold (ie. youre in a hot area and go into a cold area) you can get sick Or even that your bones or face can permanently twist and never go...
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    Question about sex and women guys?

    Alright so I'm tryna get my girl to be a little more freaky This is her at a street fair last year. Heres a shot of that booty for my sicc goons She says she is 5'9 135 pounds. What do you guys think? So if we have sex, do I use a condom? Where exactly do I put it? I have a girlfriend...
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    Black Smoke - Rain

    p.s. i miss bein in a band and playing shows that shit is fun
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    Black Smoke - Rain

    its cool a little basic to me but thats whatever I think the sound needs to be a little more defined the lead singer need to decide if he singin or rappin cause its like he not sure
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    Kings of UPT [mash mix] d/l link

    d/ling now
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    Maybe somebody can put me up...

    Lookin for a rapper kind of on some El P type shit like not on some stereotypical thug shit but not on some corny sideways hat dictionary using hip-hop whiteboy shit either... I dont know if anyone else exists on that tip. Abstract or off beat without bein like Sage Francis (gay) or Sole (gay)...
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    White people dancing in movies

    Am I the only one that notices this? Shit is hilarious. For real. I cant count how many times ive been dyin watchin this shit. And white people next to you like "what? whats so funny?"
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    Taco goal achieved: Indian food tacos / burritos Aloo matar burritos is on hit I caught them at the Industrial park in Brisbane in front of the Monster building, same exit where the Radisson hotel and Homewood Suites are.
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    52 blocks? Fuck is that shit...

    vmrp1scHTvE&NR lol @ dude on some weirdo breakdancin shit during a fight