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  1. ChangoLoco14

    Australian Condom Ad

  2. ChangoLoco14

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    What is this thread!?!? and thanks lol
  3. ChangoLoco14

    The official grand theft auto 5 gameplay thread ***spoiler alert***

    @Mr G left me all alone in your pad so i decided to take a shower. Sang a bit for some RP. Then i got kicked out.... Guess i will take my talents
  4. ChangoLoco14

    The official grand theft auto 5 gameplay thread ***spoiler alert***

    Shouldve been with us the other night. It was me, @Mr G and @RobertoxYLx and all of us are rockin the same fit. Dude playing next to me was like "what the fuck are 3 cholos doing mobbin in a minivan."
  5. ChangoLoco14

    The official grand theft auto 5 gameplay thread ***spoiler alert***

    So thats how you got so far behind lol. Playing this game with friends is so much more entertaining.
  6. ChangoLoco14

    Bitch Twerkin on Facebook.

    Dont know how long this will be up for.
  7. ChangoLoco14

    I expected this to be on here by now

    I propped, not for the beating itself, or the way it was handled. Just for the fact that i was raised on being hit when i did something wrong. No doubt, this dude went overboard. But a good whooping is needed at times.
  8. ChangoLoco14

    iFly in frisco

    About to hit it up for my sisters birthday. Anyone been there before?
  9. ChangoLoco14

    L.O.C. Feat Reego "Burn It Up"

    Not a fan of L.O.C, actually clicked on this video just to peep it. Seems the dude Reego comes with heat.
  10. ChangoLoco14

    Is she sucking yours right??
  11. ChangoLoco14

    Best Buy Going Out of Business..... Gradually.

    Pretty interesting read and about time in my opinion. On top of their employees knowledge of electronics being no better than my 12 year old sister, their customer service makes me laugh when i get better service through another company online...
  12. ChangoLoco14


    Who all has it? Drop your name in here or add me. {OTD}ChangoLoco
  13. ChangoLoco14

    Mr Wicked: Northern Living.

    Mr Wicked One: Northern Living. Anyone got it??
  14. ChangoLoco14

    Nortelation Vol. 2

    Off Pistol Cee's Facebook.
  15. ChangoLoco14

    Songs like 10 Minutes of Rap??

    Anyone else know any long tracks that just have people flowing like 0RpD6YoWDn0
  16. ChangoLoco14

    Looking For New Front Speakers.

    Got me a Pioneer SX-316 and dont know what kind of speakers i should replace the front ones with. The original ones blew out.
  17. ChangoLoco14

    Watchu know about.....
  18. ChangoLoco14

    Hard in the Paint Northside Remix....Remix??

    Salinero's, Active Ent, and.... a German! 3:23 for the hardest fuckn verse ever! lol OCneM1p05nM&NR=1
  19. ChangoLoco14

    Lowdown Track ??

    Anyone know the track they did when they sampled this beat?? RIcmIhOesaI