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  1. Dhadnot

    Top 10 Albums of 2012

    off the top of my head but i been listening to more rap lately TNGHT GRizzly Bear Holy Other Flylo
  2. Dhadnot

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative

    whatup kase whats the deal in this thread? I only been on here once a while back.
  3. Dhadnot

    Anyone listen to Death Grips?

    im surprised they got signed...they're the shit I just don't like them in interviews they're so pretentious in that punk rock righteous way.
  4. Dhadnot

    Feds bustin Oaksterdam

    Stop playin the race card lol
  5. Dhadnot

    Freddie Gibbs Official Thread

    now I will finally listen to freddie in full if madlib is given him that co-sign
  6. Dhadnot

    Is this what America is comin to?

    Black people, white people, women and men with no respect for themselves loved ones and ancestors I dont know how to post vids and shit so excuse me
  7. Dhadnot

    I hope they didn't get LONDON in the riots

    you feel me? He be badman usually chattin pon this thing now he in the riots gettin new trainers from up under the ponzy cunt FEDS noses. We have a siccness member in the riots he should be reporting to us.
  8. Dhadnot

    My favorite song today

    and then this fool will slap some I shot dice with Larry bird in Barcelona
  9. Dhadnot

    My favorite song today

    and then this fool will slap some I shot dice with Larry bird in Barcelona
  10. Dhadnot

    My favorite song today

  11. Dhadnot

    The 40 noises that built pop

  12. Dhadnot

    If Not Now, When?

    man I haven't listened to incubus in yrs but I did catch them 2 yrs ago at the hollywood bowl and got to go backstage, drunk lindsay lohan bumped into me.
  13. Dhadnot

    Coachella 2011 (Is fucking crazy)

    I'm just happy I went to coachella before it got overcrowded, overpriced, and more fucked then it was originally.
  14. Dhadnot

    Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact

    I like gang gang dance but I dont like gay hipster ironic shit fukin with most high Ras Tafari
  15. Dhadnot

    Lynch is a well known ricket as well as rapper and producer

    Who wrote the wikipedia on BLH, peep the 1st entence on him: Kevin Danell Mann[1] (born 1972), better known by his stage name Brotha Lynch Hung, is an American ricket, rapper and record producer from Sacramento, California.[2] Lol, fucked up.
  16. Dhadnot

    Weezer offered $10 million to retire

    sublimes early shit is dope and always will be. Weezer ad tw good albums then the fag rivers went bonkers and their shit has sucked donkey dick since.
  17. Dhadnot

    Psych wit knife get clapped down

    This some wild ass shit. but LMFAO at Habib-dog nigga was holdin his pistol sideways lol, clapped that crazy faggot...The world is crazy!
  18. Dhadnot

    A Perfect Circle

    damn I would've loved to go, but I 've seen them live with the mars volta. Tool's last album was ass though.
  19. Dhadnot

    My favorite song today

    Love this song.