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    Thizz vs. E-40 Reignited

    E-40 dropped a new cover copying Mac Dre in a way and Thizz and Little Bruce shitting on it on IG. Wonder what Dubee and Diggs gotta say about it.
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    No AP9 on new Jacka album

    Anyone else notice all the other Mob Figz are........................hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm
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    AWax new album

    Anyone care anymore? I got tired of checking itunes and not seeing a preorder. Buzz from Joe Blow necklace kinda dead too.
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    Philthy Rich "Hood Rich"

    Went today. No one there. Opened the door and dude seemed surprised. Not a lot of inventory but imma cop something next time. Only take cash tho.
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    Philthy vs. Mozzy official now.

    Both dropped diss videos both IGing about each other now that it seems really real it will be interesting to see whos side some of these rappers actually choose. cant be in the middle for too long with this stuff
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    RIP Jacka shirt and other Bay merch

    Few years back I saw that one dude forgot his name, Gary something I think, in some Jacka documentary wearing a shirt that had Jacka, Johnny Cash and I think Pretty Black on it. An RIP shirt. Anyone know where that is for purchase? Could never find it. Anyone ever release an official RIP Jacka...
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    G-Eazy, Blueface - West Coast (Official Video) ft. ALLBLACK, YG

    I know around the corner there is a remix but not feeling it. take Blueface off and G Eazy too. G Eazy used to be dope now he's garbage
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    Shoreline Mafia

    Am I the only one who thinks these dudes are heavily Bay influenced?
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    Ca$h and Friends

    Put out by his moms. Just copped it. May be in sharing section soon.
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    CML and Philthy squash beef, do music together and.............

    Just check IG.......... Lil Blood, Joe Blow and Mozzy all hating............. Diggs and Fab support it.............. Weird tho Lav whole IG lately been he and Philthy linking up but none of Philthy posts bout Lav...............
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    Your top Bay rappers of 2018

    Can do it in order or just name 10 dudes u listened to the most this year K.E. Yatta AllBlack Offset Jim Yid Lingo HD MBNel Benny Trill Youngins Honorable Mention OMB Shawniebo Allybo LilJoe211 Richie Rich Lil Yase Chippass Shady Nate
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    DB Tha General "Respect" Video

    DB been gassing lately 8E2e4ki3_e8
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    Rydah J Klyde and DJ Fresh

    New album next month. Think it said May 4th on IG. About time. Rydah barely release shit. Same with Fed X. Rather hear Fed X and Rydah than Hus and AP.9
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    YID - Yeezy Walk(Video)

    Dude needs to blow this summer DLu5WovAW4Q
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    Messy Marv rambling about Philthy Rich and.........other crack head stuff

    vEl6R1EBxgc Damn homie u used to be the maaaaaaaaaaan homie
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    BOE "Sosa"

    Why it look like he got downs? Anyone even rock his music? Mozzy camp full of doo doo rap kY-zcarC37Q
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    Ten Letta Raider - Wiggle Through Yo Section

    Who these dudes? Shit slap kDc1NwIf7Zo
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    Recently I have noticed that...........

    A bunch of Bay rappers are flossing money in their videos..................yet you hear the producer tag all thru the songs.............. How these dudes flossing hella cash and can't even buy the beats? Come on now............. Can name like 3-4 artists I have heard this from recently.
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    J Stalin interview on how "Never Blink" was made(Video)

    xLN2DWnJzZ8 LMAO at his son
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    Yid - Love Me Back (Video)

    Yid needs to pop he too dope ebNh0SmTtJM