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  1. Joey

    Aaron Hernandez

    What did this cat get himself into? Smashed security cameras and a broken cell phone? The cat that got murdered is his girlfriends sister's boyfriend. Mr. Hernandez is also in trouble for shooting someone in the face at a strip club. Video images appear to show Aaron Hernandez with Dorchester...
  2. Joey

    Best HD Album

    Im not 2 familiar with him but from the readings on this board and doing some you-tube research im gonna support this cat... What Album should I get..Give me your opinions and why you think that album is the strongest....I want an album with original beats if possible...Thanks for the input..
  3. Joey

    Team Shaq vs Team Chuck

    Who do you cats think will win? They are both explosive but im gonna have to go with team Chuck. These youngsters should play a fast paced pick up game..Should be fun... TEAM SHAQ Blake Griffin—Los Angeles Clippers (Sophomore) Jeremy Lin—New York Knicks (Sophomore) Ricky Rubio—Minnesota...
  4. Joey

    Who put our website on blast. Has this been addressed already??? Can one of you detectives find out who posted this snitch fuckery on youtube, and ban them.
  5. Joey

    LIL B vs Brotha Lynch Hung

    How can we really be that mad at LIL B doing what he does, when we were listening to Lynch back in the day. LIL B raps about faggotry, skinny jeans and the rest of that..But Lynch was rapping about killing babies and we were slappin the hell out of it. I know i was. Im 31 so when season came...
  6. Joey

    Rosario Dawson Dancing with bum

    She's my favorite bitch and i thought this was a funny and random skit.
  7. Joey

    RIP Al Davis

    Thanks for everything!
  8. Joey

    The Realest Rapper

    Is MAC BLAST.../ thread 40D9wpBnUL0&feature=related
  9. Joey

    Happy Fathers Day!

    To all the siccness Fathers...Enjoy your day...And to any women on here who play both roles...!!
  10. Joey

    Fairfield CA

    Stop Sleepin on the City.....We got some talent out this way...Fairfield stand up...... Respect to the OG's 2 who were out here doin it back in the day and still out here...Freaky Fred..EZSD..LIL Jazz..B.O.M..Pizzo..ECT GP9uSeBgJWs DrtYcAP7ZOM&feature=related uO1IStWaI78 95hAZIS_i34...
  11. Joey


    Anyone heard of this cat? He's a Filipino cat from LA...Digital Martyers (no marty) are my homeboys and have produced some tracks for this cat.... Let me know what you think...Take a listen... SSgBzux0wAM
  12. Joey


    Anybody down there listen to this cat...A friend of mine has produced some tracks and works with him.... I think hes preety dope....
  13. Joey

    Its time for a change!!

    The Bay Area(northern cali) sac included.... needs to do some different type music...Get back to our roots and push this political themed music... We need unity...Stop making all this shoot em up, pill poppin, lean sippin turn our people into dopefiend criminal music.....Its old now.... Start...
  14. Joey

    **The official Warriors Offseason Thread**

    Smart is out..Whats next?
  15. Joey


    How many of you have taken them? How did you do and what did you use to study. If anyone has taken the CSET, what subject did you test on? Was the CSET difficult? I have math left on my CBEST test and am still contemplating what subject to test for on the CSET.... Has anyone take any of...
  16. Joey

    80's TV Into's..(Lemory Lane)

    80's TV Intro's..(Memory Lane) I searched the threads and couldnt find it..So if its been done already..My fault.....But ive been slapping these as of late, going back in time...I thought i didnt watch alot of TV coming up..But i remember all this....80's babies stand UP..!! <object...
  17. Joey

    ***Golden State Warriors 2010-2011 Offseason Thread***

    Lottery is 2morrow.....Where are we picking...If we get #1 is Monte as good as gone? Because you know 1st pick is John Wall...... New Uniforms will be reavealed 2morrow also right?
  18. Joey

    Name your all time starting 5

    What all time starting lineup would you take.......And only players at their true positions..... PG. Magic Jhonson SG.Reggie Miller SF. Lebron James PF. Dennis Rodman C. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  19. Joey

    Military or Prison

    It dosent look like the economy is getting any better, or gonna get any better. With nothing but war and destruction headed our way we will have only 2 options...Join the military or be put in prison.....Which one are you going to choose? While we are distracted by facebook, twitter, myspace...
  20. Joey

    Free Doberman

    Free Doberman (DOG TO GOOD HOME) If anyone wants her she is free to a good home......I dont have papers on her, but im sure she's a full Doberman........We got her ears cropped short tail, all that........Had her since 10 weeks, but lanlord is getting wierd about the dogs........She is crazy...