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  1. grind4mine

    Anybody ever try to quit smoking cigarettes?

    I'm on day 2 and this shit is fucking annoying! Any tips out there from people who have successfully quit?
  2. grind4mine

    Looking for an upload to the original video (Geetas-Gang Related)

    I can't find the original video anywhere... Remember watching it on The Box back in like 1992. elx-n47xs1I
  3. grind4mine

    Rappers from Creek Mobb?

    Not that I really care but I figured I'd ask before Mixxer did. Sicx Dubb Sakk Lil Pigg Penn Am I forgetting anyone? Oh yea JRome from the Creek.
  4. grind4mine

    One of my homies went missing...

    So I thought I would search the MCSO website to see if he got locked up. Well sure enough he did lol. I thought it was funny how they be clowning on people that get arrested by posting up their mugshots and letting people vote on them. This motherfucker owe me $60 I lent him, now looks like this...
  5. grind4mine

    What's the best beard trimmer?

    Need some recommendations... The one I currently got is wack, I need a good reliable one? Any suggestions?
  6. grind4mine

    Does this happen to anyone else when they click on a members profile?

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  7. grind4mine

    Will Brotha Lynch ever put out another classic album?

    I am getting tired of all this garbage lately. Is y'all niggaz felling me on this? Why the fucc doesn't he get some heavy hittaz on his album for once, he only seems to feature his siccmade/madesicc crew. I don't want to buy a Lynch album so I can listen to all them other niggaz. Stop putting...
  8. grind4mine

    Who will the Suns trade Marion for?

    His name comes up every year in trade talks..... this will be the year he is traded. He is 1 of my favorite players but I am for anything that will help us win a title. K.G or Kobe....either 1 works for me.
  9. grind4mine

    Wtf is up with Dott Dogg??

    Anybody got any info on cuzz, I haven't heard shit about him for hella long. I already tried searching here but nobody giving a clear hint to what he may be up to. Did homie ever get out of the joint and is he still fuccing with Raided. Nigga was straight fire..... Him and raided made a heated...