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    imot gon lie....i liked the first 2 full moon movies...and im anticipating the 3rd

    i watched the second movie firt so at first i was thikning i wanted to be a wofl but then i watched the 1st and i kinda dig the whole vamopire gig.
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    greetings from spain muthafuckas

    so im here in spain been here since wednesday night...this has got to be one of the best placest to travel to...all and when i say all i mean 9 of 10 women are banging...the bars and clubs open till living and expenses (for me since i been saving for a minute)...only problem is my...
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    im off to spain muthafuckas

    so it finally went a place in spain to stay for a month rent free, some cash...ima go to spain and try to hustle a job cooking in a restaurant to continue the dream... i aint posted here in days but alls well, show some support for ya boy! im done w weed...give me the hash w some...
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    question about craiglslist not the one for hookers

    the one where girls describe how much of a freak they are and want to meet men to fuck...are these legit?i mean...any experiences..i was thiknig of hitting them up but dont kow if its legit or some bullshitt ad like the ones you get on your e mail telling you that some chick named...
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    defining year for LT

    after watching him against the raiders and taking into consideration games going back to that one playoff game he sat out pretty much the how game, im putting it out there that the first half of the year will tell us wether lt is done or not, which i think he is...its a trip how fast...
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    will someone please shoot tyler perry

    this shmoes got like 3 movies coming out every year for the past couple of years and countless comedyshows...not once have i seen any of this shmucks material but the black woman gimick seems stupid as fuck...and who decided his movies and shows were tthe "best comedy" around?.
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    correct me of im wrong..

    steve hall and scot hall would shit one every recycled wrestler out today...i know wrestling has always been somewhat ridiculous but i watched a bit the other day and todays wrestling is some of the most corniest lame sack of shit television going around...and the wrestlers...dont get me...
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    fuck the courts

    so i got a ticked for playing my car stereo too loud...which i think is bs since the pig was at a redlight behind a car, i was traveing by him up to the red light at about 5mph right beside him, of course hell be able to hear my radio...shit not a hour goes b w out someone rattling my windows w...
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    show some support for ya boy

    i had to put my dog to sleep wednesday hearts broken like a mofo...truly the best friend i had or could ever have. RIP DOBY aka chesco aka tresco aka sesco aka tuncillo maclovio aka poppas i love you dogg>:(
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    question about wireless access.

    so how could i go about connectinging to a wireless network from my laptop if i dont have the user password?i know some people do it but how?i get some usernames when i open all wireless access thorugh my computer but how can i bypass the password?
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    conejo-pawns in a chess game

    anybody know the song playing at the end of this song?
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    so what the fuck happened in SBXXXIX

    i was reading some shit in SI about phillys misfortunes in championships and got to happened during the last couple of minutes of pats V eagles super seemed to me eagles had plenty of time if theyd hustled their stupid balls off instead of looking at each others...
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    cup noodles stepping it up

    just had a cup noodles chicken today and it seemed like they been stepping their broth game up...actually tasted of chicken broth instead of some manufactured shit, if only the veggies didnt seem like cardboard. what you know about cup noodles bitch...hands down best instant ramen noodles on...
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    that new lupe fiasco

    this is the first album i heard form him, before i only heard that daydreain video and liked it so i checked out his new first it was tight as hell...but after listening to it its getting pretty repetitive and annoying...and wtf is up w those choruses..i got my go go go go go go go go...
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    why the fuck do i keep getting logged off

    this fucking bitch did it to me typing up a grip of marinate recipes for that one dude asking for asada tips and after im done typing like fucking half a page and try to hit the respond button some fucking message pops up saying ic ant perform said function and to log in and try...
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    are most siccness members = youre average high school gossip queen

    this website looking more like days of our lives and the 1st quad in high school with all these little ass bitches whispering and gossipping like some little some idiot got laid and made it known here on the net (cool bro, you got laid and went online to tell us about it attaboy) and...
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    my left nut went mia for a minute...

    does that shit trip anybody else out...i mean i know it happens but...all of a sudden im sitting here , next thing im reaching for my crotch and cant feel my left i fondle a bit till i pop it back out...wouldnt it be a bitch if that mofo stayed under....guess it wouldnt really matter...
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    lmao...the history channel knows whatsup.

    ive seen the previews for this show called the universe on the history channel since like 2 months ago...shit looks tight as fuck...i guess it will take in depth look at space and all its greatest misteries and beauty...i for one have been looking forward to this since first seeing it...
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    whats the tracklisting on that new lynch mixtape?

    snuff tapes i think. i got a copy from a friend...itshows the songs but whats the info on it?dj fingaz allover it...also some shiti didnt think idever hear from siccmade camp as far as beats go and such...but its cool cd...i gotta get used to it...i keep going from cos out the way and lynch no...
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    god bless you juliana!

    for all you siccness well wishers...on my behalf wish this lady the greatest of lfes ...yesterday 4.20 was not the day to get been smoking all mrning like a chimney,...byt around 5pm,,,im trying to get from point a to point b...and yes...i fell asleep at the the was some...