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    I been outta town tying up some loose ends and I lost my METRO Phone and your #'s (along with hella other #'s) in that b*tch. Anyway i'm drivin back down from NY to ATL and I got sum sh*t for you so PM me ur number so we can POW-WOW. P.S. For those that maybe concerned. I aint PM this messege...
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    How To Generate Income-Please Read

    I been busy so I ain't been on here in a minute but like SANTA I come wit gifts in this b*tch. If you are a musician looking to make money off your product please go into sponge mode and soak this up.
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    Anybody Know A Good Realtor(s)

    I'm tryna cop a cozy lil' spot in like Bakersfield, Victorville sumn like that. Somethin not too close too L.A. but close enough so I don't mine going back and forth every now and then. If you know any realtors please PM me their info or post it on here. Good Lookin
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    Come Shop Wit Me...U Can Have Whatever U Like

    Not tryna do to much but because I know christmas is right around the corner and if ur like me livin everyday like it's christmas than u gotta check out my new shops. I got kix, clothes and cell phones.
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    Anyone know of any female rappers out the NW that go N? I had a fine one that could spit her ass off, I mean fareal she was dope as f*ck and fine as f*ck her name's TYESHA aka TY but she got caught up in the dopegame so she's MIA.
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    MUST READ: The Numbers Are In

    If ur JUST a fan this is not for you but if your in the business of making music then here is the soundscan numbers for a few of the major indie grinders. Once again fans need not be concerned but those that would like to analyze the current market place to help improve ur chances at living ur...
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    This Is A Must Read: 360 Deals Becoming The Norm

    Tell me what ya'll think after reading this then i'll state my opinion. Miles, Im coming for yo ass (no homo) with this spreading the wealth and sharing info sh*t (lol).
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    I'm Takin The Whole Siccness 2 See MAX PAYNE

    Get sum popcorn or whatever and chill. This is the NEW MAX PAYNE movie check it out and drop a review. If you like it cop it on DVD when it drops if not f*ck it. 2-2-10
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    Ya'll Gotta See Dude Gets Knocked The F*ck Out

    This is sum down-syndrome dude in a fast food resturaunt that kicks a little boy and gets served not a number 5 either.
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    I'm tired of hearing people complain about rappers that talk about money, cars, clothes and other material things. Look I come from nothing. Born and raised in the Central District on 27th and Union. I NEVER had guidance even now all I have is GOD, nobody talked to me about college, nobody gave...
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    Yeah I'm droppin two in a drought. FEBRUARY 2nd 2010 I will be the first artist ever to release two debut albums. The albums have two different feels. One album BOBBI's WORLD will be produced entirely by me and my team THE BAKER BOYS and for the other album THE HUNGER I'm going to get production...
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    Do You Think The BMW Needs A Sound?

    STOP LAUGHING @ The TITLE M****F***a I MEANT NW. I don't care what anybody says the NW does not have a signature sound. Alot of artists copy what the Bay or another part of Cali is doing or like myself take alittle from everything I was raised on and currently like. Do you think in order to...
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    This sum bull. I live in Atlanta & I come here to see what we got going on in the NW. I go to every other forum and they stay wit sumn going on and I come back here and everythings dead. If you got a release coming or you are working on something post the info on here. We need to let everybody...
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    Killa Tay & X-Raided

    Hands down besides Pac and Yuk these are the only cats that can drop anything and regardless of what's being said about they project I'm coppin. I wish they could/would do some sh*t together. Anybody know if they ever did?
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    Andre 3000 doing "BATTLE in SEATTLE"

    If you haven't heard Andre 3000 is going to play in a movie titled "BATTLE in SEATTLE" about the WTO protest in 1999, a peaceful protest turned into a riot, people broke into stores all throughout downtown. For the whole story follow the link...
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    I am looking to get my E.P. done front and back. I need somebody who can give me something similar to this PM me with a quote please.
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    Detroit gives Yung Berg "The Business"

    These niggas is Goof-Balls. Don't yell fuck so and so then go play in his backyard. He's lucky he ain't dead. Oh yeah tell Young Deez I'll give em a bag of skittles and my mommas old 10 speed for that chain.
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    I Just put up a few new tracks on my myspace this week check em out( ), I guarantee fire. Holla at me for beats or features for the L-O, I'm hustlin. BOBBI G aka Maserati BOBBI
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    I have seen the trailor and it looks like it's ill. D.Black is in it as well as hella other 206 niggas. They told me they're on the road doin Film Festivals has anybody on the siccness seen the full version? If you haven't seen the trailor go to to see it.