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    Blanco question

    Yo anybody know what ever happened to dude ? He had some good music always had good producers and joint albums.
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    Proof Lynch & Raided need an album together ASAP.
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    Dubee Real B4 Rap

    Been waiting for something like this
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    Recommended put this on ur rotation🎧

    Dope ass album the new COZMO. Listen to Beyond Forever by Cozmo on @AppleMusic. Beyond Forever by Cozmo on Apple Music
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    New! Jay Tee ft Young Dru

    Never disappoints, straight game one of the only ones that laces game like Mac Dre(rip) did.
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    Berner ft Mistah FAB changes

    . Dope Fukin Song
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    11/5 Appreciation Thread

    Forgot how Dope! Fiendin 4 tha Funk and A1-yola are, busted them out and R on rotation, anyways just reminiscing how tight they were. Idk how to place music on here but I'm sure u cats can.
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    What u guys think about this project ? Beats r tight so is his spit, just makes me wish they weren't on the phone.
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    @ Maka-Mill

    Can u tell us about that Dubee album turf titan thats advertised in the Doff and Matty albums covers? And hopefully that Young D Boys album gets done too
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    lil Los

    I was listening to Woodie lately and was just woundering what ever happened to lil Los? did a search on him and theres all kinds of rumors that his dead and or prison. any one knows? he rapped hella tight
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    Mac Lee

    Got that new Reek Daddy there's a few tracks wit Mac lee on them it's cool he's rapping again hope to see a Solo album, or something with Jay Tee would be Dope!
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    Maniac Question

    Does anybody kno if Maniac who had verse on the c bo album 1 life 2 live song 3 gangstas ever released an album?
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    Sav It Out 5 Is the tightest Comp

    Great Songs. Sample On Itunes
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    Tight or Wack? Mac Dre

    Rick Ross mentions Mac Dre on his new album on the track wit Lil Wayne (Thug Cry)
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    New C Bo and Spice 1 songs

    have you guys heard these songs on the murder master music mixtape Fukin tight songs, i heard them on datpiff.
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    Old School Freddy B

    Does anybody have a copy of this record? ben listening to it lately on youtube shit is dope! is he still around?
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    Young D Boyz khadafi aka Doff Kapone

    Anybody got any new shit from him, or know if he got anything coming out, last thing i got was that American Pimp.
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    Weak Moves

    I was hella high going through some cd's, so i put in the first press of Dru Downs first album and started to listening to it and the song "weak moves" played Fuck! that song is tight. what ever heppend to that Dru Down?
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    Matty Wack aka Tony Francis?

    Any word on when his album dropin?:beard:
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    Ass,Grass,or cash is dope cd can anybody sell me a copy?