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  1. m.w.merlino

    house wreckin

    i been goin out with this girl whos with a guy she calls her soulmate... but since he plays halo 3 on saturday nights and doesn't call her shes out at the club with me. id like to feel bad but i dont feel bad. theyll stay engaged and end up miserable. pardon me while i eat this bag of...
  2. m.w.merlino


    Just wanted a quick census... feel free to post any related youtube videos / Bill Hicks routines.
  3. m.w.merlino

    Metallica - Best album?

    Correct...but I would say that Master of Puppets is also very accessible. I don't listen to metal but my brother got me into MOP pretty easily.
  4. m.w.merlino


    I dunno...I feel like im listening to above average pop music when I listen to her album...nothin special. i'll give it a few more listens though...
  5. m.w.merlino


    ^^lol Imma download it and give it a listen...I took her for an MIA knock-off when I first heard one of her songs....
  6. m.w.merlino

    Do you love your country?

    Lately I have been able to look around my city and see the buildings, the roads, the people. I can watch television and and see a few things I like. I read books by American authors and feel a kind of relation. I can appreciate what it took to build this country. I think of what Americans...
  7. m.w.merlino

    Count Bass D

    Havent heard his name a lot on this forum, who fucks with him... Dollar Bill <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=""...
  8. m.w.merlino

    Homeless in Downtown Seattle...

    Anyone else notice an influx of homeless people lately? I m up to 3 copies a real change a week... Don't matter if its 6 am or 7 pm, more homeless folks beggin for change, fightin over street corners. The recession? Whats the problem?
  9. m.w.merlino

    Who thinks about old games...

    That you didn't ever beat or got to play?? I just started Zelda II: Links Quest on the NES again, and tryin to up my Mike Tyson's Punch Out Game... yes, i never beat punch out. Anyone got games like that?
  10. m.w.merlino

    Chicago, IL -WWSD?

    Anyone on the sicc live in CHI? Anyone visit, got friends there? I'm visiting later this month, based on that I might move there. What is there to do, what is good in CHI and how is the job market? I did some research, cheaper than living in Seattle. Who knows whats up? :siccness:
  11. m.w.merlino

    WPS Discuss amongst yourselves...
  12. m.w.merlino

    Can anyone reccommend some AFI albums (Smurf/B-Buzz)

    The sound of Miss Murder is great but the lyrics are so corny compared to STS songs....
  13. m.w.merlino

    Common - Most underrated MC of all time?

  14. m.w.merlino

    Matisyahu - Youth [New Album Download]

    yes because its hilarious that he is jewish and white and a reggae artist.:chinese: I like the music.
  15. m.w.merlino

    Any good comedy cd's i should download?

  16. m.w.merlino

    Poems Not Fit For the White House

    Laura Bush had invited poets, including Sam Hamill to attend a White House reading in honor of Walt Whitman and Langston Hughes. When it became clear that some poets would read anti-war poems, the event was cancelled. Poems Not Fit For The White House is a response. Introduction by Andre...
  17. m.w.merlino

    Count Bass D -- Begborrowsteel

    Not sure when it came out, but Im really feelin this cd. The beats are sick real jazz like for the most part, and its a real chill lp. Didn't like it that much at first it had to grow on me. Any other opinions?
  18. m.w.merlino


    Minus the Bear - Highly Refined Pirates Marvin Gaye - Greatest hits John Coltrane
  19. m.w.merlino

    Best And Worst Live Performances

    Best: Nickatina, First Degree, AFI
  20. m.w.merlino

    Cage - Hells Winter

    sick. I know someone else is feelin this cd...I didn't even really like his other shit too much either. :siccness: