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  1. gimmefreemusic

    Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev confirmed nov 19 in Vegas

    The much anticipated fight between unified light heavyweight titleholder Sergey Kovalev and undefeated former super middleweight world champion Andre Ward, two of boxing's pound-for-pound elites, has a date and a site -- as long as both can get through interim bouts this summer. The...
  2. gimmefreemusic

    Retarded infinity's retarded spam town

    @infinity Post all your shitty music and videos in here please and thanks.
  3. gimmefreemusic

    Gas One has a vagina

    @Gas One @cheeto Stop being a pussy gas, editing his posts like a female lol
  4. gimmefreemusic


    April 1st starting 6pm until April 3rd GameStop is giving out codes for the closed mp beta for free. @drunkaholic707 @InfamousICON @LiterACola @Chree @2-0-Sixx @fillyacup @BUTCHER206...
  5. gimmefreemusic

    Your own saved gameplay clips

    doing good, doing awful (i see you kah), doing something really stupid or just glitches 5v1 in siege
  6. gimmefreemusic

    For the dumb ass Muslim haters

    As Americans, we’ve absorbed so much evil sh*t done by crazed lunatics who hide behind the veil of religion to justify their hateful acts. It is very easy project a view of a larger idealogical population “associated” with these tragedies because stereotyping is not only faster, but identifying...
  7. gimmefreemusic

    Tough 🐵

  8. gimmefreemusic

    Teaching chief keef in school

    Substitute teacher criticized for Chief Keef lessons |
  9. gimmefreemusic

    kid who hacked head of cia's email smokes pot "all day everyday"

    This interview had me dying
  10. gimmefreemusic

    Pablo is back
  11. gimmefreemusic

    RIP 3pac the great
  12. gimmefreemusic

    The greatest play ever
  13. gimmefreemusic

    New dave chapelle standup

  14. gimmefreemusic

    The NFL Will Exploit Your Dead Mom But Not Let You Celebrate Her

    Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams has an incredibly personal connection to the cause of breast cancer awareness. Four of his aunts died of breast cancer, and last year, so did his mother, Sandra Hill. Williams has dyed his hair pink, painted his toenails, and written about his...
  15. gimmefreemusic

    If you got an Android phone and like free tv.....

    First and foremost go to your settings then security and hit the checkbox for "unknown sources". Then go to Download that app, install it and that's it, you now have
  16. gimmefreemusic

    Judge nullifies Brady's suspension...

    Are you fucking kidding me?
  17. gimmefreemusic

    Open letter to Ken415

    Fuck you @KEN415
  18. gimmefreemusic

    Top 5 toughest NFL schedules 2015-16

    5. Arizona Cardinals Opponents’ 2014 record: 142-113-1 Opponents’ 2014 winning percentage: 0.557 Playing in the competitive NFC West is a double-edged sword: The games may help you toughen up, but there’s also a good chance of being defeated. Fortunately for the Arizona...