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    if alex smith plays weak in the first half against the raiders

    would you put in carr the second half?
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    farewell siccness

    it was fun while it lasted. im far too important to be posting on here anymore.:beard:
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    anyone check the bet cyphers

    i didn't watch the show last night but i just saw a couple of the cyphers. that one with kanye common and big sean was really dope. not sure if anyone pays attention to stuff like this but not sure why not.
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    Coffee goes to jail WTF

    Coffee goes to jail 0 Former 49ers running back Glenn Coffee was arrested in Florida for possession of a concealed weapon, according to a report Friday. Coffee abruptly quit the team one week into training camp in August, saying he felt God wanted him to stop playing...
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    crabtree says what every niner fan is thinking

    Quote from Lowell Cohn article: “Mike Johnson did his thing. He did what he was supposed to do. He got everybody the ball. Only thing is, Mike Johnson can’t throw the ball. He can just call plays.”
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    can anyone recommend a good tmobile phone

    do any of you guys use tmobile? what tmobile phones would you recommend to someone switching to tmobile?
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    Moe Green :: Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match :: Interdependent Media

    Everybody will attest Moe Green to be a contemporary rap artist. His style and sound are that of credible mixtape grinders like Wale, Curren$y, etc. Yet although he gives it away for free, Moe is intent on calling "Rocky Maivia" an album, not a mixtape. This album then meets one major...
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    CHRIS BROWN FEAT ti, 3stacks, drake, kanye

    X8hItnzlED8 loso on it too i like this
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    US apologizes for 1940s STD study in Guatemala

    US apologizes for 1940s STD study in Guatemala (10-01) 09:38 PDT WASHINGTON, (AP) -- The U.S. government apologized to Guatemala Friday for a study 60 years ago in which American scientists deliberately infected prisoners in that country with syphilis. The 1946 experiment was unearthed by a...
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    do white people ever feel bad about the social order they've created in America?

    this is actually a serious question. i know we have a lot of white people on the siccness so maybe some of you may want to chime in. do you guys ever feel bad or urged to do something to reverse the social order of this nation? without getting really detailed i mean the way the law is...
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    sean hill vs alex smith

    who you think is better as of right now?
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    last song off Pick Your Poison-the Cypher-8 MCS
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    i put someone on here on the ignore list and this faggot is now sending me emails

    way too much time on your hands kid.
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    Have the 49ers ever had a Black qb?

    just curious. I think we got a Black president before the 49ers ever had a Black qb. Correct me if im wrong. Could this be why they're so reluctant to give Davis a shot? :beard:
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    honestly i don't even really hate the raiders team or the players

    i mean i don't like the raiders either. but i find myself watching their games when there's no other games on. i just hate their stupid ass fans. raiders fans can't keep the 49ers nuts outta their mouth. These fools are trying to compare campbell to smith. fuck all the raiders fans. your...
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    Topless women: we've been stripped of rights

    Topless women: we've been stripped of rights Benny Evangelista, Chronicle Staff Writer (08-22) 19:51 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- The sight of men wearing bras or bikini tops hardly causes a ripple in San Francisco anymore, but today a group of guys did so for a different purpose - to demand that...
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    damn harvey pierre collapsed on the practice field today

    apparently he has really bad migraines and just collapsed today. that's all bad for dude. Percy Harvin experienced the scariest episode yet in a career plagued by migraine headaches when he collapsed at Minnesota Vikings’ practice Thursday and was taken to a hospital by ambulance...
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    Concert interrupted by unprecedented amounts of pigeon shit

    Musicians have performed through violent storms and scorching temperatures at an outdoor arena in suburban St. Louis. But an infestation of pigeons that bombarded the Kings of Leon with droppings at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre managed to force an early end to the rock band's concert...
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    spank pops beautiful noise ep

    anyone heard this. you can download it for free on bandcamp its dope.