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  1. brandonaliaz

    Pissed off about Ron Ron show

    I opened up a show the other night, that was headlined by Ron Ron and Black Walt. My ride(I didn't drive to the show) made me leave during another performance and I didn't get to see Ron Ron perform! I'm pissed off about it too, cus Ron Ron is by far the best rapper in Kc (from my point of...
  2. brandonaliaz

    OT: KC Rock

    I was at the studio yesterday and heard a band practicing down the hall. I told the engineer they sounded dope and asked him who they was. They are actually a band from KC called The Architects and they're on the Warped Tour right now! They are really dope. They have a video on youtube for a...
  3. brandonaliaz

    Free Download I'm That Deal I did this album in 2007
  4. brandonaliaz

    Rappers Need Beats???

    I got them for cheap, you can hear 3 songs I produced on the player in my blog, I'm Fo Real and the Crack Vol. 5 Intro are Geezel songs I produced, and Chill is my song. The site for the blog is hit me up @ [email protected] if you are interested, I'll...
  5. brandonaliaz

    St. Joe Spring Fling Friday

    Spring Fling this friday in St. Joe at the American Legion, we're opening up for Sean Paul from the Youngbloodz! call 816-337-6110 for Tickets info is on my myspace page also at
  6. brandonaliaz

    WAY OT: my job sucks, what about yours?

    I know I'm not the only one in here with a 9 to 5, I'm just curious to see what some of you do to pay the bills. As for me, I work at an in-coming call center and it's horrible. I just figured i'd give you guys a quick laugh. I take calls for all kinds of companies, most of them have to be...
  7. brandonaliaz

    new track with Kaliko

    Please check out my new song Take It Off feat. Geezel, Diesel D (of Joe Mizzery), and Big Krizz Kaliko (of Strange MSC) Thanks for your time and stay tuned the album is almost finished!!!
  8. brandonaliaz

    New track feat. KALIKO

    whats up, if you get a chance please slide through my myspace site at and check out the new tracks i put up. Take It Off has 2 members of my group Joe Mizzery (Geezel and Diesel D) on it as well as Big Krizz Kaliko from Strange I appreciate your time, the album is...
  9. brandonaliaz

    New Track feat. Smigg Dirtee

    Crack Movement Aliaz feat. Smigg Dirtee, Geezel go to and you can hear the new song. it is off of my debut album titled Sign Or Die
  10. brandonaliaz

    A-Team Mixtape!!

    I'm definitely snatchin this up the day that it comes out! who else is showin love and buyin it? Put your A's up
  11. brandonaliaz

    @ Shep

    When is going to be open again? check out the new tracks too @
  12. brandonaliaz


    I know its a lil too soon to say this, but i'm ready for Smigg to work on a new solo album and drop a few exclusives. You got to give it up to Smigg no matter who you are, or whether you rap or not. Dood goes nutts on the mic.
  13. brandonaliaz

    OT: Twista Show

    Twista is in St.Joe monday night at the Civic Arena. The show starts at 8. If you want to go, you can get your ticket down here at Record Wear House. I'm almost sure it's $20, I forgot the cost cause students get in for free.
  14. brandonaliaz

    You are a dick rider if:

    You are a Tech N9ne Dick Rider If: 1. You think that Tech N9ne is the greatest rapper of all time(he can be your favorite, but not the greatest) 2. You refuse to believe that the second verse from slacker is half bit from Digital Underground and 2Pac's song I Get Around(Shock G's Verse) ...Just...