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    Zro vs Trae whos better

    Me personally Zro way harder both fuckin sick with a hige catalogue on og status Ros just colder
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    Who invented mumble rap Juvenille? ??

    Curious lol this shits gettin outa control
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    Strange music needs to sign Horseshoe gang

    They have the talent just needs the exposure and guidance shit would go nuts
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    Horseshoe gang Anti trap music new album

    Its dope as fuck dudes always had bars for days now there more refined and sound sharper than ever imma say there better than slaughterhouse right now chemistry wise
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    Asap rocky got beat up in Auckland

    Dude got punked lol hid behind woman screamed and cried
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    Do or Die Picture This 2 anyone hear this?

    Albums dope best revisit so far feels like the 90s again
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    Jon Connor?

    Is he gonna blow up...or be another Bishop Lamont.....
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    Maybe im just high ..but a krizz klaiko feat chalie boy track would be dope

    i wanna hear it ............
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    Horse Shoe Gang Mixtape monthly series?? anyone fuckin with this??

    Horseshoe Gang - Mixtape Monthly Vol 7 Hosted by DJ Far // Free Mixtape @
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    Papoose Rap god freestyle

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    Meek Mill dissing kendrick and cassidy lmao is he the next Ja rule?

    Dude came with two lame diss tracks in the past 2 days ...dudes setting himself up for a epic fail....thoughts?
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    Master P's new mixtape any thoughts?

    Hes gone back gangsta....guess he wanted to be a good role model for his hes all G'd out again...Rick Ross is pretty much a 90's master p clone guess thats his re inspiration
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    Wrekonize The war within ..? dudes sick

    Lookin forward to this album i bet its a top 5 strange album of all time just sayin dude has major skills ...with a mentor like tech...major potentail
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    anybody seen this site kinda interesting Celebrity net worth my net worth is more than lil bow wows hahaha
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    Wrekonize Roof Tops mixtape

    anybody fucking with this.....fuckin ill dudes a beast hes arguably the best MC on strange music ..
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    krizz kaliko mayday feat rittz and chamillionaire epic
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    young buck...damm 50's rapin him
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    Crooked I - In None We Trust: The Prelude EP (Deluxe Edition)

    01. Ssuut x 2 02. Pocket Full Of Money 03. Roll Call feat. G. Malone, Coniyac, Jay Rock, Mistah Fab 04. Diamond In The Back feat. K-Young 05. Drum Murder feat. Horseshoe G.A.N.G. 06. No Competition 07. Goin Bad feat. KeyAna 08. Game Time (Bonus Track gonna check it out now
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    VODf8av54ns Goes hard