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    where is DAMU !!!!!??????

    anyone know what happend to the big homey damu?? what´s up with his album? any info?
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    wussup wid DAMU ???

    WTF?!?! is damu still alive or what ??? any info on his album ? & what about this mitchy / damu project ????????? holler .. still waitin .....
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    support the homey "damu" on myspace!! wut up with his new album??? any release info ????? holler
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    REQ.: Don Diego - Dead Man Talking

    I need the tracklisting for this album !! could some1 hook it up one time for ya boy ????? would be dope !
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    REQ: MENACE CLAN - DA HOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!

    yo PLEASE, .... HELP ME THE FUCK OUT !!!!!! I`VE LOST THIS BANGIN AS SOUTH CENTRAL ALBUM FROM "MENACE CLAN" !!! PLEASE, COULD SOME1 UP IT FOR ME ???????? & HELL YEAH .. HOLLAAA WE COULD TRADE !!!!!! I´m sure .. i got whut u neeeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make a list & send it to me !!! I´D MUCH...
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    still "STRONG ARM ROBBERY" Vol.2

    daym holler wuss up with that ????? mitch or nemo .... can we get that real drop date ????? when will this be out ????
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    don diego - dead man talking !!

    wusup yaw?! gotta question.. how do yaw like the dead man talking CD ?! just wanted to order it but I have ta wait about 4 weeks so holler .. is this CD knockin or what !? OR what about tha DAmafiaMU gang bang mix CD?! Which 1 is betta ?! need ya help / hollaaa
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    wusup CS?

    yo whut up CS ? Long time since we´ve heard sumtin from you. any news about your solo album? & oh yeah.. wut about your book, homey?? hoollaaa !! peace /OUT
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    Strong arm Robbery vol 2 !!!????????

    sup wit that ? is this album OUT or what ?? holler!!!!! should come out on 2nd.DEC
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    wuts up with "Damu" !!!???

    um still bhumpin that one shot kill CD & still waitin foe his next LP / EP / compilation or what eva. any info ?!?!?!?! hoolaaaaaaa
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    wutz crackin Ghetto World?!

    Wadup yaw ?! ma 1st post: itz ya bOi sly str8 frum Germany / just wanted ta say "wusup" to tha REAL talented rapperz out there. much luv to yaw / hope yaw gone blow tha fuck UP! Lil CS .. homey do yur thing / can´t wait ta git tha Street Legend album & oh yeah "also waitin for that...