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  1. EMATiON

    San Diego rap is NOT over haha

    I’m sorry but this just made me laugh when I read people saying that San Diego isn’t going to go far…. Living in San Diego myself and being a teenager that talks to A LOT of the kids that live here on a daily basis I can promise you Daygo has a hip-hop scene and it’s only going to grow. San...
  2. EMATiON

    EMATiON - FuCkiN WiTh Me (SHiT's SiCC)

    :)) FuCkiN WiTh Me Links: SOUNDCLICK PAGE | HI-FI STREAM | LO-FI STREAM | MP3 Download thanks for listening, please lemme know your opinion and drop links for me to peep! -gracias-
  3. EMATiON

    A track I made for TECH N9NE (heartfelt shit)

    Hey what's up everyone, I just signed up on here a few days ago, but I'm def. going to get active and post and read up on all the crazy shit that goes down on this site. I've heard about it for awhile, but now i'm finally here :hurt: cheaa! Anyways, I first met Tech when I was 17 and spit a few...