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  1. erry

    Royal Rumble 2015

    WWE really needs to do something amazing tonight to get people excited for wrestlemania yall think theyre gonna fuck up or nah
  2. erry

    Wrestling related songs and music videos

    i thought it would be cool to compile music videos and songs that use either wrestling promo clips, samples of entrance music, or other wrestling related music in one place. Here are a few i have found. 0EUFNiu3VLE LCRSVQL15Yg O0eAKXXLNms
  3. erry

    HBK Gang- IAMSU!, P-Lo, Sage The Gemini, K00l John

    What are your thoughts on them? i know they are not everyones cup of tea considering this is a gangsta rap forum but, i see alot of posts about "who is gonna save the bay" "who is the next in line to shine". Seems to me these guys were able to capitalize on the hyphy movement demise and still...
  4. erry

    Outrageous Karina out of San Jose

    This chick is dope, better than alot of dudes i hear nowadays around the bay. Doesn't hurt that shes bad also haha VBWzeMFbmeM CrVCyS6Z5rY 2f2GLNOhqLo
  5. erry

    The official Messy Marv Shenanigans Thread

    Having a hard time keeping up with all the crackheaded antics so lets just keep em here. He dropped a diss track to Philthy Rich today and also is talking shit to mistah fab on twitter for some strange reason.
  6. erry

    darkhoclown/darkblowdown continues to be a puta

  7. erry

    Like A Gangsta Lonely Boy, The Saint, Lil Ro

    Official Music Video "Like A Gangsta" Lonely Boy, The Saint, Lil Ro didnt see this posted yet. YWIGNur3vtA
  8. erry

    JJ Abrams mysterious new trailer

    FWaAZCaQXdo J.J Abrams "bad robot productions" just released a mysterious new trailer, with no titles, or any info surrounding it. Last time they did this it ended up being "cloverfield". This one looks pretty interesting, people online are speculating it may be some sort of "Twilight Zone" Movie
  9. erry

    Roach Gigz Roachy Balboa 3 Mixtape

    Just dropped today Download Roach Gigz’ Roachy Balboa Round 3 Mixtape with features from IAMSU, Kool John, Kreayshawn, Pac B and a few more. still need to soak in might write a review and shit on mixxer.
  10. erry

    Kafani "Swag Swerve" Official Music Video

    Hadn't seen this posted yet. ok video to an ok song, the beat is dope as fuck though produced by Shonuff. Really should have had Clyde Carson on this song though. M5TOfTCg3uo
  11. erry

    Playstation Announcement 2/20

    rumored to be the next-gen playstation announcement tomorrow. What do yall hope to see in the next-gen console? rumors include cloud based gaming, more social media integration, and an updated controller design.
  12. erry

    Ap9 Reportedly Smashing Ice T's Wife COCO

    December 07, 2012: Rapper Ice T may have just LOST HIS PRIZE POSESSION . . . his wife. managed to get their hands on SUGGESTIVE PICS of his wife CoCo and another man - Oakland rapper/mogul AP.9 (from the group Mob Figaz). We had been getting word FOR MONTHS that CoCo andAP.9...
  13. erry

    Official Bodega BAMZ/ TANBOYZ thread

    Dope latin cats outta NY. they fuck with ASAP MOB and flatbush zombies alot. I know alot of the freedom town brehs are up on them already but here go some links. Usn6w-egCqo sTMriOA8J3U e6kLBGgzUCg
  14. erry

    Norte Stomp Music Video Trailer

    u0QJciR0ILg Tito.B, Goldtoes, Lonely Boy, and Tweety.
  15. erry

    e-40 banned from rock the bells in bay area
  16. erry

  17. erry

    Direct TV to Drop VIacom, No more TNA for direct TV Subscribers

    Due to a contractual dispute, Direct Tv is threatening to drop viacom, this includes 26 channels such as MTV, VH1, BET, Spike TV (home of TNA IMPACT! WRESTLING, and other channels
  18. erry Bay Area Freshman Top 10 list being released today at 5pm

    Any predictions? i have a feeling this list will be full of shit. It seems like the "tastemakers" only choose their own friends or people they have an invested interest in. Lets see how it turns out.
  19. erry


    Hadn't seen this posted yet. Krispy Kreme, The Baddest
  20. erry

    The Team "Slow Down" Music Video?

    Is there a music video in the works for this? this song is hot right now i really hope they dont drop the ball on this one because it has potential to blow up nationwide.