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  1. Nebulizah

    Survivor Series 2011...

    I've decided that I'm going to fork out the money for this one, for the simple fact my kids really want to watch it and I don't feel like bouncing through shitty streams all night. Hope I don't end up deeply regretting my decision.
  2. Nebulizah

    eBay goons - $7 for $15 on eBay - get anything you can think of for over half off

    well.. almost anything. but use this link to buy it: because you'll get your code within 2 minutes, as opposed to hours... If you wanna be nice and use my referral link to sign up, it's (deal over, referral link deleted) - sign up...
  3. Nebulizah

    50% off at El Norteno taco truck, breh!

    $4 for $8 worth of tacos, burritos, nachos & more buy an unlimited amount of deals! :cool::cool:
  4. Nebulizah

    *HEADS UP* Northwestern University now offering live pussy saw tutorials

    STORY Northwestern University acknowledged that an unusual demonstration was held on campus last week in which students observed a naked woman being penetrated by a sex toy. The sex act was performed in front of about 100 students in psychology professor John Michael Bailey’s human sexuality...
  5. Nebulizah

    Everything that's wrong with the United States of America, summed up in one graphic..

    Everything on the left is currently at risk of being cut. Nothing on the right is even being considered for cuts.
  6. Nebulizah

    LMAO @ Raw 2/28

  7. Nebulizah

    Crunchwrap Supreme aka Ex-Lax only $0.88 until March 5th

    These are actually slap after you've been smokin for a few hours.
  8. Nebulizah

    Jessica Haeckel / Gemiinii Riisiing - check her out!

    She's amazing.. her voice makes me fucking melt. Check out a few of her covers, and a couple original tracks below. H133dGTk1wU gFcjG6JfI1g a5P-apOsHCs v9yoe--IVnY nvvQWiG4pqc oh yeah, and she's multitalented. :) tk2xq7YIato
  9. Nebulizah

    Herschel Walker wants back in NFL, says he's better conditioned now than in his 20's Herschel Walker wants back into the National Football League. The 48-year-old says he is 100 percent sure he can help a football team out right now. The former Cowboy's star, who won the Heisman Trophy, is...
  10. Nebulizah

    Mac Jesus almost killed by semi

    SMkJFRLjwzk fucking Canadians can't do anything right, can they?!
  11. Nebulizah

    LOL - Brand new 60 GB PS3 for $39.99 on Amazon Most likely gonna get canceled, but I placed an order... got a free $20 giftcard out of it last time I ordered a price mistake like this & it got canceled. Worth a try at that price.
  12. Nebulizah

    Adrian Peterson has to shit at 3 am, forces McDonald's employee to lose her job An assistant manager at McDonald's was fired after allowing Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson to use the bathroom while the restaurant was closed. While working the...
  13. Nebulizah

    Siccness exclusive? Jared Lee Loughner was a regular on conspiracy website ATS +more

    fuck it, delete thread fuck you then I'll take my exclusive news elsewhere where people can actually read a post that doesn't have tiddies or pussu littered throughout it.
  14. Nebulizah

    To: Bears fans - From: the Vikings defense... MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!

    6 sacks on Vick. and major props to Joe muthafuckin Webb for outplaying Vick in his first career start. Now do us a favor and don't get embarrassed in the second round, assholes. :siccness::cool:
  15. Nebulizah

    Has your dog shat on the kitchen floor this morning? Possible reason here..

    Michael Vick wants another dog PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- NFL star Michael Vick, who made headlines three years ago when he was convicted of dogfighting, says he would love to get a dog sometime in the future. As part of his...
  16. Nebulizah

    T-Pain feat. King Sandman - Motivated

    submission for the chance to be on the upcoming mixtape "Prevolver" the best submission, hands down... cnkCuQQHD9c
  17. Nebulizah

    Best Christmas card ever

  18. Nebulizah

    10 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Albums Knew about a few of them but some of those I had never heard of. Interesting stuff.
  19. Nebulizah

    I came to a frightening realization tonight...

    The 49ers might not only make the playoffs, but they'd also get to HOST a first-round playoff game. The NFC West is a fucking embarrassment to the NFL. Just fucking disband it, move the teams to the other divisions, and have 3 wildcards. Makes more sense than letting any of these pathetic teams...