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  1. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    So who else saw the Joker Movie?

    anyone else see the movie? I think it's the best movie of the Year. I mean it being my life story and all. Who else enjoyed this master piece ? Let's dance! ha ha ha ah ah h a haaaaaaaaaaaaa!! My mother always tells me to smile and put on a happy face.
  2. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    Andy Milinakis brings back rap with hit song girl your pussy fat like me!

    This kid is singing better than half these mumble rappers. It's sad that a comedy artist is making better music than the so called real artists now!! ha aha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa enjoy and sing along !!!
  3. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    Alex Jones invades Hillary Clinton Rally and exposes her in front of her fans!

    Oh this is just great and makes Joker smile! Alex Jones invades her rally to expose her in front of her own fans! this is epic!! ha ha ah ah aha ha ha haaaa Enjoy the video
  4. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    How idiots on the deep web runied it for everyone!

    Yup a lot of dudes trying to be shady and make money ruined it for the horny bastards! lol ha aha h ha aha ha ha ha h ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  5. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    Mike Tyson talks about gettiing high on his new radio show!

    That's right Mike Tyson now has a radio show and he's getting high talking about lots of deep stuff on his show! Enjoy.. ha ha ha aha ha haa ha ah ah a ha haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    Bizzy Bone when I land in Cleveland song of his new album!

    Wow is this song hot!! Bizzy Bone's new album Carbon Monoxide is hot also. Check out this track.
  7. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    40 year old man quits job at Popeyes! lol what siccness memeber is this?

    I know this has to be a siccness member! lol this guy has no shame saying this on youtube ha ha ah aha ha haaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa !!
  8. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    Alex Jones is pissed! lol this is funny!

    Oh man this video is funny the part where he says he will kick your ass cause he's so pissed! If the real news was this good I might actually watch it lol
  9. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    Why Hallie Berry should not be The Little Mermaid!

    A lot of people are pissed because she's black but that is not why I'm pissed. She is to old to try to play a young girl! Also she was the worst cat woman in history, and that movie did horrible. I think disney maybe just doesn't care about this movie and will let it flop. But yes I didn't see...
  10. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    Weed stocks

    Who else is buying some? I am! I mean who cares about other shit. But weed stocks are gonna be big. Weed stocks and crypto , cause fuck waking up early for a job when you can get rich off other shit. So do you think? you getting into weed stocks?
  11. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    The joker video game show and new site! ha ha h ah ha!

    Get ready for new videos! Video games shows, reaction videos, troll videos, comedy, and rants!!! Go here to see the first show the uncensroed and insane shows will be only on this site! not on youtube!! get ready Joker is back to rule the world!!! ha ha ha ha aha ha aha ha ah ha haaaaaaaaaa...
  12. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    The world you live in is just a sugar coated topping!

    You better learn this and learn it fast!!! this is the only real truth.. ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    Why is no one talking about the new Brotha Lynch album?

    I thought this was the siccness! Why is no one talking about this new album this shit slaps!! ha ha ah aha ah ah ah ha haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! enjoy the album
  14. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    Bizzy Bone wants to talk to you about drugs!

    Yes bizzy bone's new reality show is about drugs! Enjoy ha ha ah ah ah aha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  15. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    So who else is voting for Trump again ?

    Yes I am voting for Trump! I don't care what people think. People hate him because the media tells them to hate him. People can't even think for themselves! Plus he is he only one that can defeat globalism and the NWO once and for all Lets all bow to trump our great and wonderful leader!! ha...
  16. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    Let's make siccness great again

    I really love this site but it's sad to see it turn into the a ghost town. What can we all do to this place cracking again? It's like everyone left and forgot how great this site is. So joker is running for President. Will work hard to make siccness great again! The best forum of all time.
  17. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    NASA chief warns asteroid threat is real: ‘It’s about protecting the only planet we know to host life' ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    This is funny he thinks he should take this serious!!! I just have one question for him!! Why So Serious??? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa This is the article but he's to late this happened in 2012 ha!!!
  18. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    The new Sonic The Hedgehog movie! ha ha ha ah ah ah aha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    I grew up playing Sega and this is one of my fav games ever!! who else is excited?? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa ha Sorry jack Joker's back!!
  19. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    Everybody Ruby Rock!

    Hey guys stop being so angry and bad mood on here! You guys need to have fun and enjoy life more!! So with that have a great weekend and everybody Ruby Rock!!! ha ha ah aha ha ah a ha a ha ah ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!!
  20. CreepinOnAhComeUP

    The new Joker movie 2019 looks great!

    so the new joker movie for 2019 looks great! Who else is going to see it? I can't wait to see it drunk !!! ha ha aha ha ha ah aha ha ah ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what do you think of the trailer ?