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  1. allcalclothing

    Ali vs Jim Brown.. the fight

    Poking Holes in the 5 Biggest Myths About Boxing Everybody Has a Puncher's chance A related myth to the lucky punch is the idea that "everybody has a puncher's chance." No. They don't. This usually comes up in conversations where sports fans are speculating about how some big, monster...
  2. allcalclothing

    rolling heads like bocce ball will be a new event in 2024 Olympics

    San Diego and Tijuana make joint proposal to host 2024 Olympics INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE Can you imagine the Olympic flag flying over San Diego and Tijuana? BY HOUSTON MITCHELL April 26, 2013, 11:10 a.m. U.S. Olympic Committee Chief Executive Scott Blackmun said Friday that he is...
  3. allcalclothing

    Chicano Documentary East Oakland 1982

    pt 1 WFqGnqTZoCA pt 2 aR-h1a2zwrg pt 3 XR_Lca6WPYM pt 4 4ZZqwHYp4m8 pt 5 D1qLBwtJLK4 your thoughts...?