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    Most reputable gang in sac

    What hood in sac puts out the best music
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    If G-Macc is the next Lynch does that make Pain the next Zagg?
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    Mr. Mafioso

    How come this album never comes up as one of the best cd's ever to come from northern cali. I listen to that shit at least once a day and it never gets old.
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    Ill Matik

    Anybody got this cd
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    Young Meek

    Whats up wit Young Meek? I lno im late but i just copped that South Areas Most that nigga go's hard he aint drop nothin else?
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    Starers in the game

    Does anybody know if thats still comin out and if so when?Good lookin
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    Tryin to get put on

    Whats happnin This ya nig Smoke 1 jus tryin to see how a dago up and comer can get put on. I got flows but nigs out hea dont respect u if u dont bang so if a real nig from dago can help me and my team out holla at me and lets blow big in 06!