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  1. ispeakthetruth

    Bay Area Gone Mad now available on C-DUBB'S The After Hour vol.1

    One life to live featuring C-DUBB x SpenDoe x Juvenile
  2. ispeakthetruth

    Thoughts on "Lo'Key" by 2ndLife

    Not sure if anyone here is familiar with this guy.. From what I know, he's originally out of Oklahoma, but based in Dallas, TX. He's Rollin 60's. His past affiliations were with King-T, Above The Law, and Poppa LQ AKA Kenny Kingpin. I'm peepin his joint "Lo'Key" and it's pretty catchy to me...
  3. ispeakthetruth

    Ebay stuff..
  4. ispeakthetruth

    Rare Music Gems

    RareMusicJewels (@raremusicgems) • Instagram photos and videos
  5. ispeakthetruth

    I was just offered $400.00 for these CDS. Is it too low?

    I was offered $400 from someone for this box of cds. I look at how much they are going for online, and some of these are pricey. What do you think?
  6. ispeakthetruth

    People using the Philthy Rich and Messy Marv situation to come up in rap

    So, for public consumption... I'm on facebook a few days back, and run across a facebook page. This kid, black, and from Oakland I presume is posting photos, and videos. I click his video, and he's talking to the camera saying "I'm bout to come up how you came up nigga" and whispering a bunch of...
  7. ispeakthetruth

    Rare-and-Out-of-print-Rap-Music- (Facebook)

    Anybody peep?
  8. ispeakthetruth

    This female is looking for a studio plug in the San Francisco area, shes dope!

    This female is looking for a studio plug in the San Francisco area, shes dope! she's out here from New Orleans Louisiana with no connects. If anyone wants to work with her let me know.
  9. ispeakthetruth

    Anybody here into swapping/trades??? Looking for various services..

    Anybody here into swapping/trades??? Looking for various services.. I have a storage unit full of stuff from CD collections, posters, movies, sports card, you name it. If so, what services are you willing to trade...
  10. ispeakthetruth

    Ebay Auction for lot of CDS

    Master P Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me 1994 Plus Lot of RARE CDs | eBay
  11. ispeakthetruth

    How Rare is Master P - The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me 1994 release?

    Just curious, how rare is this album? I know they have a re-release from 1997 too, and even that one is rare as well. Master P The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me 1994 Out of Print RARE Original | eBay
  12. ispeakthetruth

    Master P - The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me OG 1994

    Master P The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me 1994 Out of Print RARE Original | eBay
  13. ispeakthetruth

    Peep This list I have for sale. Serious Buyers Only. Rare/OOP/Sealed

    Give me $2000.00 and the collection is yours! I'll even through in a few more CD'S The D.O.C. - No one can do it better Original N.W.A. -NWA and the posse Original Ballin Ass Dame - Get Rich Quick Schemes Droop - Bootlegz & Collections (Killa valley release) Droop - Bootlegz & Collections...
  14. ispeakthetruth

    Feast Your Eyes On These CD'S!!!!!

    Many of these in my storage. Some sealed, others mint. A few doubles, Out of print etc... Oh BTW, Im well aware of whats rare/Out of print/and the going rate for these/availability. I also have posters, and rap Videos/DVDs. If you are going to inquire about these please be serious. I have an...
  15. ispeakthetruth

    Swindled By King George LMFAO!! This Dude..

    I go to Rasputin in Campbell recently. I come across a brand new dvd called "Da Grindumentary" by King George. I am anticipating the dvd, this way I can see music videos, and maybe see what this dude is up to past/present, No Limit, etc... I open the case, and theres a fucking CD inside of a dvd...
  16. ispeakthetruth hot hot hot!

    P has a new song called "streets keep callin me" its dope!!!!! peep the new joint w/Mystikal too, among others.. No Limit Forever World then he has one on youtube w/andrea bocelli called Goodbye, and woke up a millionaire, on "brick to a million"- he goes in on niggas
  17. ispeakthetruth

    Everybody take care.

    I am moving and will not have much time to visit the site. I will be in Manila, Philippines. Take care and be in good health. Its been real. I must be with my mothers family for now.
  18. ispeakthetruth

    I apologize for many things on this website

    I want to apologize to everybody on this board. I know that we all don't see eye to eye on many things. The one thing we have in common that draws us to this site is our love for music, this siccness is a culture! I have flew off the handle on numerous occasions. Sometimes my reasons seemed...
  19. ispeakthetruth

    New Master P TMZ Album free! Official No Limit Forever! Its fuckin off da chain!!!

    Master P Mixtape is available at trutanksoldiers or NL forever website, datpiff etc.. its out there. He back spitten, beats is hot! He got youngsters w/him spitten, Gucci Mane comes through. I can smell the money, Trending, Meagan Good, and TMZ are raw!!!