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  1. Rob S4


    Fucking bitch. Could'nt even step up like a man and tell me who hacked into my shit. Fucking pussy. Step up bitch. Cause this shit is much bigger then some shit.
  2. Rob S4

    Dem Saints Boys are Running Shop

    Back from the grave. Saints are playoff contention. 4-4. How you like that?
  3. Rob S4

    Lupe Fiasco- Dumb it Down

    Has anyone heard this. This beat is fire. I thought his first cd was mediocre at best. This new song might change my mind of his cd "The Cool" is as fire as this...
  4. Rob S4

    What Happend To Madman Records?

    I just noticed it was gone.
  5. Rob S4

    Damn Police Off-duty Wis. deputy sheriff kills 6 By ROBERT IMRIE, Associated Press Writer 15 minutes ago The residents of a remote northern Wisconsin community struggled to understand Monday how a sheriff's deputy who killed six young...
  6. Rob S4

    Odin Sphere

    Did anyone pick this up? My girl got me this yesterday for my B-day and I started playing it last night. Its rea tight.
  7. Rob S4

    Dipset Movie: Where is Cam'Ron B whahahaha Iam an Asshole-Trae
  8. Rob S4

    Whose getting Metroid Prime 3:Corruption on Tuesday

    i'll give you a review when I cop this tomarrow. I have it reserved. So Iam going to go and get it after my last class tomarrow. This is the game I have been waiting to get for my Wii. I played the demo version over the weekend and the control interface will take some getting used to.
  9. Rob S4

    Big Shug- Street Champ

    If you looking for a new cd to cop this is the one. It brings back the old school New york scene brought in by Guru and Big L. Real tight features as well. Singapore Kane and Sean Price are a couple of the tight Mc's who are featured on this cd. My favorite track on this cd is Leg Breakers. Sean...
  10. Rob S4

    New MF DOOM Interview

    Lets get away from all the whack ass music for a minute and check in with everyones favorite supervillian. MF DOOM It's July 4th this week and given that you were born in England (and I gather your parents are West Indian?) Does July 4th mean much to you and will you be celebrating? Oh...
  11. Rob S4

    28 Weeks Later Trailer You're Welcome.
  12. Rob S4

    WWE gives the wrong people pushes.

    They need to get the Alpha Male to fight Lashly. When he was in TNA that cat was fierce. Iam glad to see the Hardy Boyz got the belts though. They need to hook up the Great Kahli. WHo else do you think should get a better push.
  13. Rob S4

    Real Nice.
  14. Rob S4

    How about some funny myspace profile pic and comment time?

    This chick looks like a serial killer.
  15. Rob S4

    What are some interesting religions that you study?

    I enjoy studying religion when I get the chance. Favs are 1. Aum Shinriko 2. Hasidm 3. Zoroastrianism Just some things that interest me. Side Note: Christianity is my life so that is something I not only study but hold as reality. Thats me though.
  16. Rob S4

    When Does X-Loc Get Out?

    Just wondering when his sentance expires?
  17. Rob S4

    Worst Rapper Ever.

    I hate to put this cat on blast but shit its gotta be done. This guy needs to go jump of a cliff.
  18. Rob S4

    If you like Anime, Watch Bleach.

    Best show ever. Zeraki Kenpachi, Jyuu Ichi ban Tai Tai Chio.
  19. Rob S4

    Who is this Woodie cat everyone is talking about?

    I saw this cat passed (R.I.P). Who was this guy. I heard of him on here but never really got into him. Someone up me a tight song. Iam not asking for an album or anything like that. Just one song to kind of get me hip to this cat. No disrespect or nothing like that. Just interested in who this...
  20. Rob S4

    People Protesting the Movie 300. Iranians worldwide have been protesting a new Hollywood blockbuster movie based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller which they say offers an "inaccurate and derogatory depiction of ancient Persians." Over 6,200 Iranians have signed...