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  1. encho20

    Mexican Music Banda, Ranchera, Kumbias, Tex-Mex

    a quien mas no le cuadra tanto el movimiento alterado?
  2. encho20

    Rock en Espanol/Spanish Rock

    Cafe Tacuba is also a good band, can't leave them out. Lamento Boliviano always seems to always come up at some of my nights drinking haha. Here go a bit more though 2xpEiKmX1U4 hfmY9Wlxx0o 1xtXXVLdsAI xGo7YlL6odw
  3. encho20

    Rock en Espanol/Spanish Rock

    Do any of the siccgoons here also listen to spanish rock? Heroes del Silencio, Caifanes, Enanitos Verdes ring a bell ? Ri67FI37E3M l9kXym1doYA hAMZ7BS2Ax4 14lsFs1GrnU
  4. encho20

    Doing album covers for free to make my portfolio!

    Making album covers for free for a while cuz I need to brush up on my photoshop skills and need shit for my portfolio, get at me you ain't risking shit with this anyways,ha.
  5. encho20

    Add my new beats page deleted my other beat page and have this one, go ahead and add it if you have time, thanks.
  6. encho20

    Fake Painting Photographs

    the rest of the pics can be seen at
  7. encho20

    Need help with finding a song

    Doomsday productions sampled it in this song 5HZAsZl09nk and cold world hustlers sampled it in 415 reasons FN-W5cyHwCo Thanx in advance bruh-goons.
  8. encho20

    Good Barbershops in San Jo

    I'm finna get a fresh cut today but I wanna know a good spot to go get it at. I'm gonna get a 2-1 fade so if yall got any suggestions,shoot em.
  9. encho20

    Buy My Beats! Low on Feria!!

    As a college student, money goes fast so help me out by buying some beats!!ha. If you live in the San Jo area, even better.
  10. encho20

    new beat on my pg

    check the sig and tell me what you think!
  11. encho20

    sav it out vol 2 cd typo

    I barely noticed that on my copy of the sav it out vol2 cd, it says "street starz and bolck monstaz" any one else notice this?
  12. encho20

    bitch was fucking another foo so I had to roast her poodle mayne
  13. encho20

    Lockerz Invites

    who wants an invite to pm me your email addy if you do,thanks.
  14. encho20

    New beats up

    Im selling em at 15 bucks each right now so get em while they are cheap ey. Peep em in the sig and peep the link below for a mix I made of my beats MIXXM1.mp3 - 4.90MB
  15. encho20

    google ads

    they know how to piss some of yall off,haha.
  16. encho20

    I'm on the run and Everything but lemme check the Facebook 1 Time
  17. encho20

    oh Herro, I Rive in Japan,Me Bang Norte
  18. encho20

    209 shirts and gear?

    any1 know where in Modesto I can get a shirt with Modesto or 209 printed on it? ive seen em before but I don't where people get theres.
  19. encho20

    Young J "G Shit" ft. Davina and Big Tone

    Young J "G Shit" ft. Davina and Big Tone(Music Video) lOyVVRDwB5I It's a cool lil music video I found,not bad.
  20. encho20

    Schwarzenegger Learns to Write in Code