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    Anyone better then HAPPY Right now ?

    been listening to this dude for a minute anyone else coming out with heat ?
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    Is there any homeboy rap worth listening?

    Its been over 9 years since woodie passed I haven't heard any new homeboy rap as good as northern exposure What is everybody listening too in 2016 ?
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    Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Leaked

    1. Bad Guy 2. Parking Lot (skit) 3. Rhyme or Reason 4. So Much Better 5. Survival 6. Legacy 7. Asshole feat. Skylar Grey 8. Berzerk 9. Rap God 10. Brainless 11. Stronger Than I Was 12. Monster feat. Rihanna 13. So Far... 14. Love Game feat. Kendrick Lamar 15. Headlights feat. Nate Ruess...
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    Dom Kennedy – Get Home Safely iTunes

    Droplr • Dom Kennedy - Get Home Safely [iTunes][][2013][Deluxe].rar
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    2 chainz robber exposes his credit card and id on instagram

    2 chainz robber exposes his credit card and id on instagram | GangstaRapTalk - We About That Action Bay Area Won 2Chainz Lost
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    anyone else think homeboy rap fell off after woodie died?

    I know I can't be the only one.
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    Weak Northern Albums u have heard recently (Official Thread)

    this thread is for northern albums u were disappointed with only i'll start this off right the new big tone & sav it out was a real sleeper with such genius tracks as really mobbin & then how deep is your mobb by the time i got to track 5 i was all mobbed out , favorite track :mingle with...
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    Homeboy rap that was released in 2012

    drop some titles that came out in 2012 so far
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    The Official Darkroom Familia Appreciation Thread

    Post your favorite joints by darkroom if you don't know how to just click insert video and paste the youtube url
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    Most Talented Homeboy Rappers?

    let's talk about the rapper's that actually got skills and can rap who are your picks?
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    What is homeboy rap missing?

    imo northern rap hasn't been the same since woodie passed and could use new fresh young producers with original beats most homeboy rap albums now days either have shitty rappers on good beats or good rappers with horrible beats. but my question is what is homeboy rap missing?
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    first thing u do after sex?

    light that fiyah up boy
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    white bitches or mexican bitches

    what do u prefer mane?
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    Stabbing at Strike Zone In Manteca, California

    GEdCgdRYD_o :siccness: