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    Black Lives Matter??? To who?

    @butcher How's the weather in Seattle Bitch. It's 85 here in the Caribbean. I've spent half of September on Vacation. Vacation #4 for the year. Still over three months left. Fuck you son and everything you stand for!!!!
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    Officers down in Dallas protests

    Fuck you Butcher.
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    Officers down in Dallas protests

    Notice how she deflects and over talks him. Some folks are beyond full of shit. This site included. Denying the struggle while listening to music inspired by the struggle you deny exists. How does that work? LOL
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    Tell me why u mad son

    I hope you realize how you sounding cuzzo!!!!! LOL!!!!
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    Cash from Money Gang was shot... RIP

    @DODE We will just call you HOE BITCH or HB for short.......... Pretty much sums it up.....
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    @tay. See your mentality is why you and your career are at a standstill. What type of man argues his relevance to another man? That shit is hella sad brother...
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    You wanna fight me because you are irrelevant and I think/know you are making up #'s about album sales and revenue. You hella pathetic folks!!!!
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    Who all got Da Krazies 2

    Props! I respect the fact you accepted the criticism without flying off the handle. Personally it's in heavy rotation in my ride. Still waiting on that Midwest Whales Album though!!
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    A pre-crack baby BANGER!!!!!!! TIMELESS MUSIC!!!

    Here's a history lesson youngsters.
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    Who in the bay slaps Rich Tha Factor

    To me he is one of the hardest out. I think him and Messy Marv would make one hell of an album. Str8 raw.
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    RICH SPITS so hard. FAT TONE WAS GARBAGE u huh u huh!!!!
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    Best Fat Tone Album

    FAT TONE WAS GARBAGE!!!!!!! AP-9 Said IT BEST NOW JUST FERTILIZER!!!!!!!!!!!! u huh u huh u huh lol!!!!!!!!!
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    Rich THA FACTOR spits so hard!!! Why dont more BAY RAPPERS FOOL WITH HIM.

    Is it me or does the nigga spit str8 heat you bay cats need to get up on him.. And why are his CD's so fu c c in hard to find. and he BMF as well.