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  1. CityDog

    San Diego?

    Whats up folks riding out to San Diego. Tryna see whats good out there. I know in frisco you go to the Golden Gate Bridge. Or Pier 39. Or whatever. But whats the touristy shit to see out there. Besides going to Mexico or ghost riding in the SE. haha But nah I know beaches gonna hit those...
  2. CityDog

    R.I.P. Rasputins on Powell

    Weak as fuck. Thats the spot I pick up my albums. Also see whats new out. Its hard out there for a rapper.
  3. CityDog


    I dont know how many real niggas is on here but your block under siege. Yall at a war wit eachother. And the city got a plan to gentrify the fuck out the place. They starting at At n T park and the other end is Candlestick. Wake up stay strong.
  4. CityDog

    Samsung or any smart tv apps?

    Just got the smart tv finally. What's some good apps to slap on there?
  5. CityDog

    Real Bay Shit. RIP to the loved ones.

  6. CityDog


  7. CityDog

    Free Andre Nickatina mixtape. Also concert coming up !
  8. CityDog

    Snapback Hats????

    I fuckin hate em. They were cool when I was a kid but now I out grown that shit. Bring the fitted hats back please. All the new hats out are damn adjustable shit. They got some clean ass logos and shit but the fitteds are gone? What's with that shit? And I don't even wear hats religously.
  9. CityDog

    E-40 on 106 n Park today?

    Damn anybody seen it? Function? TBIB?
  10. CityDog

    Clyde Carson Slow Down Played on Kmel slaps!
  11. CityDog

    Every Man Created Equal?

    What ya'll think about that.
  12. CityDog

    Fidel Cash - Bring Boobie Back - Frisco shit
  13. CityDog

    Bay Area Time is Now.

    People talkin bout shit is dead. Music is wack. I think the bay area is in the spotlight right now. We got mainstream hits. We got that Love rance beat the pussy up. Berner Yoko Ono. We got that swaggin all day song. Erk. 40 watta. Not rap related but Giants won the world series...
  14. CityDog

    R.I.P. Chester Mcglockton

    NINERS FOR LIFE. R.I.P. though.
  15. CityDog

    New C-Fresh!

    Hard Hittaz Don't Miss. That's what the fuck I'm talkin about. No promotion or nothing? Is this new? Real shit right here. Only four songs though? Would buy a whole album of this shit with the quickness.
  16. CityDog

    Frisco Street Show?

    Are they shut down or what?
  17. CityDog

    Lil project for ya? photoshop?

    Whats up folks I'm tryna get this picture cleaned up without the words. It's the brazilian flag if you don't know. The ordem e progresso supposed to be there though. Thanks.
  18. CityDog

    New Homeland Security?

    HAha just playin but that new Cellski is out bought it at Rasputins. Slaps so far haven't listened to the whole thing yet 17 tracks which is good. Classic mobb shit. Suprised no Killa Keise though. Keise spit fire now. He do got a couple other hitters on there though. Not overly saturated...
  19. CityDog


    what's up with it.
  20. CityDog

    Help me out with a song?

    What's up folks whats the name of the song I think it's mannie fresh where it goes You can take a nigga out the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of me I'm a g I got to eat on these streets survive on these streets I'm a g. Can't find the song for shit.