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  1. CityDog


    Pretty sure all the people posting the video and calling him out on YouTube like they know shit is what did him in. Pretty hard to tell who it is with a mask on.
  2. CityDog

    Lil Pete & drakeo the ruler

    This the one.
  3. CityDog

    Attachment Test

  4. CityDog

    Attachment Test

  5. CityDog

    Rappin 4 Tay, Ras Kass, Canibus, Chino XL, Krayzie Bone, Crooked I - EyeQueue

    Sounds like some kind of promotion. Coo track though.
  6. CityDog

    Messy Marv - DUSA

    Sounds the best here so far.
  7. CityDog

    E-40 - Chase The Money ft. Quavo, Roddy Ricch, A$AP Ferg, ScHoolboy Q

    Just listened to that shit. That boy 40 is definately the sickest out right now. In the bay and anywhere really. I dont give a fuck.
  8. CityDog

    So who else is voting for Trump again ?

    Trump is a big orange douche so not no but fuck no. Fuck that puto.
  9. CityDog

    The Tonite Show With X-Raided (Now Recording)

    Ooh EA Ski makes bangers. I fucks with DJ Fresh too though.
  10. CityDog


    Good to see. Offset wasn't in it though?
  11. CityDog

    Cougnut album?? Anyone??

    Yes. Been waiting for years.
  12. CityDog


    Well they never said Dre was Wack so fuck your fake news.
  13. CityDog

    Who's murdering All the Bay rappers?

    They all was with the gangsta shit. The longer you are sad to say but it comes around. Shout out to Keak too. Not dead but was close and now paralyzed.
  14. CityDog

    Keak da Sneak-Hi Tek

    Copium fa sho.
  15. CityDog

    Messy Marv x Mozzy - Chow Time Promo [BayAreaCompass]

    Nickatina ain't a junkie though?
  16. CityDog

    San Diego?

    Whats up folks riding out to San Diego. Tryna see whats good out there. I know in frisco you go to the Golden Gate Bridge. Or Pier 39. Or whatever. But whats the touristy shit to see out there. Besides going to Mexico or ghost riding in the SE. haha But nah I know beaches gonna hit those...
  17. CityDog

    R.I.P. Rasputins on Powell

    Weak as fuck. Thats the spot I pick up my albums. Also see whats new out. Its hard out there for a rapper.
  18. CityDog


    I dont know how many real niggas is on here but your block under siege. Yall at a war wit eachother. And the city got a plan to gentrify the fuck out the place. They starting at At n T park and the other end is Candlestick. Wake up stay strong.
  19. CityDog

    Samsung or any smart tv apps?

    Just got the smart tv finally. What's some good apps to slap on there?