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  1. Dana Dane

    Never Forget ....

    Golf tournament to benefit son of Vallejo man who died at 2016 Warriors game Been a while but his memory will ALWAYS live on!
  2. Dana Dane

    RIP Ne Obviscarus aka Smokingood

    Our buddy Smok passed away this morning. I dont really have many details but was told he looked like he was at peace when he was found. A bunch of us just hung out a few weeks ago and had plans to get together in November. He was such a cool ass dude. Friendly, generous and fiercely loyal. He...
  3. Dana Dane

    Who said fat guys cant dance?

    Tryin to get views up and make my friend go viral. This was at Justins Memorial Golf Tournament last saturday. It was LITTTTTT!
  4. Dana Dane

    S.B. All Facts - Cellski Diss

    Baby Cougnut - All Facts(Tough Luv) Cellski aka Cheese Burger Diss by Sean Thedon BabyCougnut - Listen to music Ooohhhhh snap!
  5. Dana Dane

    RIP Reek Daddy

    The OG Cuddy lost his battle with cancer. RIP Reek... say Hi to Justin for me.
  6. Dana Dane

    My baby brother died tonight

    Dropped dead at the Warriors lie. RIP Justin aka Cut-Thoat
  7. Dana Dane

    The Fast Food Thread

    I don't eat fast food a lot, but taco bell and Jack are like my guilt pleasures... Jacks munchies meals are the shit for $6, but I don't usually eat fast food after 9 and I refuse to pay $8 for the $6 box. Unless I'm drunk as shit and who cares about calories hammered at 145am? Taco Bell is...
  8. Dana Dane

    Am i the only person on the planet..?

    Who doesn't give a fuck about the new Star Wars movie?
  9. Dana Dane

    Well, i saw Crazie Locs suck his own dick

    Real talk it's on youporn..I don't know what I was looking for but stumbled on it and it's disturbing as shit. I doubt you guys want me to post the link or screenshots, but yeah, Crazie Locs sucked his own dick on camera.
  10. Dana Dane

    If I've said it once, I've said it 1000 times...

    The Open Forum sucks now and I miss the good old Siccness days.
  11. Dana Dane


    Is goin on around here?
  12. Dana Dane

    Go Fund My Vegas Trip...

    My 40th birthday is Monday & I'm headed to Vegas Sunday afternoon. I'm accepting all donations. PM me for my PayPal!
  13. Dana Dane

    New PSD tha Drivah - Mermaid The Risk & The Reward 2 coming soon!
  14. Dana Dane

    how come i can't see who propped me?

    When I click on new props received, it tells me 'page not found'. Its really odd! Is it just my phone? Has it happened to anyone else? I'm so confused.
  15. Dana Dane

    dodge a dui bullet tonight

    Went to vacaville tonight to my moms to BBQ for my brothers birthday. Drank like 5 high lifes & had a decent buzz.. Before I left, my mom threw a handful of norcos in a baggie for me. I stopped at the store before i left Vac to get a couple tall cans for the road. I get off the freeway in...
  16. Dana Dane

    Dru Down contact info??

    Anyone got a line on Dru Down? PM me!!
  17. Dana Dane

    incisions & timebomb

    Cut the crap. Stop following each other from thread to thread rehashing the same old shit. that's all.
  18. Dana Dane

    no posts in 5 hours?

    RIP Open Forum.
  19. Dana Dane

    free jay jay

    Fugitive couple snared by massive dragnet | Sonoma Valley Sun Nah, leave that dirty whore right where she is!!!!! I can't copy/paste the article on my phone, so someone do it for me & I'll tell ya'll what a janky ass hoe she is when I have more time!
  20. Dana Dane

    So we're all gonna act like we didnt see Kafani get exposed on IG??

    RIP to the slight career he had. That shit is the funniest thing Ive ever seen. Apparently, his 'fiancee' got pissed @ him last night & posted hellllllllla suspect pics of dude with his dick & balls tucked between his legs on some super gay shit, and the internet went wild. They were only up...