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  1. 137757

    Omb Peezy loyalty over love

  2. 137757

    Philthy Rich Carried by 6

    This is a clean album the production is smooth. He some no namers on there to get a little shine. Philthys doing good work as far a making moves networking
  3. 137757

    Prince dreda hard to kill *out now*

    Stupid hard PRINCE DREDA " HARD2KILL" (NEW RELEASE) - YouTube
  4. 137757

    Yuk don’t want it with Mozzy

    Yuk dont want no smoke with mozzy
  5. 137757

    L fingaz & mozzy dissing lav d

  6. 137757

    Philthys thoughts on CML 2:37

  7. 137757

    Philthys thoughts on CML 2:37

  8. 137757

    Mozzy dissing Yuk

    Mozzy will get ate up lyrically
  9. 137757

    Gatlin & bueno/ mozzy kae one

    Dope album Another dope album
  10. 137757

    Post a better group album & why?!

  11. 137757

    4 dope albums

    Gatlin- Florin road Snubbz- Rich the factor- ceo of the blacktop (dopest) Reece loc & Youngblood- buy1 get1 free Those 4 joe blows are dope too
  12. 137757

    Snubbz dropped

    I haven’t really listened listened to it because that gatlin but it’s tight... he should be out by the end of the month
  13. 137757


    Cool album to wake up too... aj knows how to pick beats and production is always on point...
  14. 137757

    Mazarati Ricky ep

    Album is pretty dope... still dissing cbo
  15. 137757

    E-40 & B-legit album

    Ive waited for this album since a kid and I’m not disappointed... it’s a dope alum, best album this year imo
  16. 137757

    E-40 on the remix would be fire

  17. 137757

    Lil Pete & drakeo the ruler

    My son listens to these youngsters... so I put lil Pete on Pandora and there is some dope ass music these youngsters are making
  18. 137757

    Snubbz still dissing C-bo

    Seen on ig snubbz had four posts dissing cbo... should be interesting when he gets out
  19. 137757

    Buddie stunna (decent)