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  1. Mr.HydroSTL

    G.I.N "Taking Chances" (Gary,Indiana Rap)

    G I N Taking Chances CD Indiana Rap G Rap G Funk | eBay
  2. Mr.HydroSTL

    auction listings...some midwest rap...

    goneblownfromdalou | eBay
  3. Mr.HydroSTL

    99. cent chicago rap auctions

    goneblownfromdalou | eBay
  4. Mr.HydroSTL

    Naturally Smooth Stone City STL Indie R&B

    Naturally Smooth Stone City CD Saint Louis STL R B Indie Soul Gfunk | eBay also got some rap listings up also... goneblownfromdalou | eBay
  5. Mr.HydroSTL

    Price Check: The Bums red Case promo

    does the red case promo of the Bums album have any added value over the retail version?
  6. Mr.HydroSTL

    Price Check:partners in rhyme presents the big man

    is this worth anything? Dope Sh*t G-RAP!!!: Dope Sh*t!176 PARTNERS IN RHYME PRESENTS THE BIG MAN  1999
  7. Mr.HydroSTL

    Price Check:Conscious Daughters "Gamers" remix single

    anybody know the value of this remix single?
  8. Mr.HydroSTL

    Jmac & Tripple Double

    Tripple Double Pain B 4 Pleasure Og Tripple Double Pain B 4 Pleasure CD Denver Rap G Rap G Funk Siccmadelynchsound | eBay
  9. Mr.HydroSTL

    Tracklisting:KM "Spilt Personality"

    Anybody got the tracklisting for KM "Spilt Personality" CD?
  10. Mr.HydroSTL

    Dontay " The Streets of San Francisco"

    anybody know how much this tape is worth?
  11. Mr.HydroSTL coupon

    Code VL-MKT-EPW Get US$8 off a purchase of US$50 or more just ordered that Bayonetta & Death Smiles for the 360
  12. Mr.HydroSTL

    Stone Cold "Mil-Ticket"

    has anybody heard this tape before? (the group consisted of A-G-2-a-ke and Coo Coo Cal)
  13. Mr.HydroSTL

    Les G tape versions

    yeah it seems that the tape versions for "Unfinished Business" & "Natural Born Killaz Soundtrack" have songs that are not on the cd versions and I was wondering if this is the case for other Les G releases like Slient cries from the ghetto vol.1 & 2. Also anybody know the name of the first song...
  14. Mr.HydroSTL

    Baby Drew "Free"

    anybody know if this album is tight?
  15. Mr.HydroSTL

    Les Nubians

    anybody else fugg with them...their first two albums were tight...
  16. Mr.HydroSTL

    Rockbox for mp3 players..

    anybody else use this program for their mp3 players....I use it for my 20gb iriver and that shit got a gang of options and tweaks.
  17. Mr.HydroSTL

    Bastards of The Party

    any legit sellers in cali got a retail copy of this documentary? they got a website for this movie but it looks like they only take payal and i dont fugg with paypal.
  18. Mr.HydroSTL

    Gozu anbody else like this movie.. the ending was super sick with that dude's missing brother popping out that bitch pussy...
  19. Mr.HydroSTL

    Winchester Mystery House in Cali

    anybody ever been to this shit?
  20. Mr.HydroSTL

    Mc Lyte "Non Lp Tracks"

    anybody know the value of this release, its on a black cdr..the first two tracks are messed up on mine...Any other info on this release would be helpful.