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  1. J

    Saddams Doubles

    Whats up with Saddams doubles? The ones he used to act like him at public functions so if someone tried to assassinate him the fake Sadaam would be killed but he would be safe? I remember they did a special on him way back when Clinton was president, and they pulled out video tape footage and...
  2. J


    91SICCNESS & B.A.R.T OG MEMBERS LIST I was thinking about how long this site been up and how many people have been on here and just wanted to know what happned to these people, if your still post here but under different names, whatever. Angel DMXcellent Parricide DOJAMITE Lynch781...
  3. J

    Who started Chicano rap n Oldies?

    Who was the first Chicano rapper to start rapping over oldies? I know an old song by North Side Vatos Locos that uses "Stand By Me," and Sir Dyno used "Oh Honey" for Brown Chicana, but who was the first because Chicano rap is known for that now.
  4. J

    Conservative Radio

    Anyone here listen to Bill O'Reily or Mike Savage? Do you listen to them for entertainment or do you get your news from them?
  5. J

    Whats up w/ Tokztero??

    I been looking through this forum and I haven't seen anything about Drew. Is he still releasing an album on Killa Valley?
  6. J


    How many peope here listen to oldies? Right now Im trying to get all the East Side Stories cds but alot of them only have 2 songs I like on each album. My homeboy said Art Laboes Dedicated To You are bette. Anyone recommend any colletions? Smooth Grooves, Oldies but Goodies...?
  7. J

    Dubee-Turfmatic: Disappointing?

    I was REALLY disappointed with this album. "Sugawolf" was a classic, "Dangerous Prospects" was okay but had 3 or 4 good songs but this one...I only thought 2 songs were okay. The skits were more entertaining than the songs. Even Khayrees produced track wasnt anything special. Am I the only one...
  8. J

    ? about Woodie & Ammunition track

    That song "northern cali" from the FUNK ON SITE comp, is it goig to be on a future East Co Co release like "Un4given" on UNDERGROUND HITTERS?
  9. J

    Classic Bay Area albums

    What albums from the bay do you consider classics?
  10. J

    Keep it on the real/High Sidin'

    I heard this song on KMEL earlier today with a girl singing "Keep it on the real" and then High Siding with 2 or 3 rappers. Does anyone know what album this song is from?
  11. J


    which album do you think was better? And whats up with Droop? Hes not on KVE, is he doing anything?
  12. J

    War with Iraq

    I would post this in another forum but i dont visit the others like i do hear and i respect most of the peoples opinions here. So I would like to know what any of you think about this whole thing. Bush wants to invade Iraq claiming Sadaam is a huge threat. Do you think America should invade Iraq...
  13. J

    The original Darkroom message board

    I remember it always had some drama on it. Like when Mr. Kee left, everyone was saying good ridance because he sounded like a "mayate", Poyo Loko was supposed to be a fiend, and then people saying 18 Wit A Bullet had scraps on it. Dyno and all of them used to post up there regulary on there...
  14. J

    Why is Lil Wyno a G.H.E Killa?

    Whats up with track #13 GHE killa? In it he says hes a GH Entertainment Killa? Im guessing this a record label but whos and why does he have funk with them?
  15. J

    THC (Buster Brown & Lil Man), Ju Ju Bee..

    Does anyone know if they have released albums or are going to put out anything in the future. I heard a song from THC on Droops Bootlegs album and it was pretty good. Ju Ju Bee from Salinas has alot of talent also. And are there any other rappers from Salinas that are worth listening too?
  16. J

    Deathrow Producer-Assassin??

    In the 'Welcome to Deathrow' documentary theres a chapter that talks about Dr. Dre leaving/being forced to leave and Suge says that alot of the other Deathrow producers like Daz and Assassin were making beats and Dre was taking credit. My question is who is this producer Assassin? Is it the same...