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  1. skoooolin

    ghostface's blog

    "The 4th Annual 10 Softest Niggas In The Game" Ayo whattup its ya boy P-Tone aka Thor Molecules aka Volcano Hands aka Cocaine Biceps namsayin. Ya boy is back in the building once again. Yall already kno what it is son. Its that time a year where we honor the softest muthafuckas in the...
  2. skoooolin

    Scarlett Johansson hacked nude pix

    no one visits i-candy so I'll post it here real?? fake??? :confused:
  3. skoooolin

    FREE Medal Of Honor Beta codes!!!

    worked for me :cool: 1. Go to 2. Sign In/Register for code 3. Go to 4. Input code and choose platform you want to play the beta on found it here...
  4. skoooolin

    Brittany Murphy Dies

    Brittany Murphy Dies Posted Dec 20th 2009 1:37PM by TMZ Staff Read more: Brittany Murphy died early this morning after she went into full cardiac arrest and could not be revived, multiple sources tell TMZ. She was 32. A 911 call was made at 8:00 AM from a...
  5. skoooolin

    Dont cancel anyones WOW account !

  6. skoooolin

    I wonder if this guy ever got a job
  7. skoooolin

    Megan Fox - Esquire Magazine June 09

  8. skoooolin

    Paul Pierce says he's the best player in the world

    Finals MVP Paul Pierce, who recently spent three days at a ball camp in Madrid, is making, ahem, news about what he said to a Spanish reporter. The money translation, via RedsArmy: "Q: Is Kobe really the best player in the world? Pierce: I don't think Kobe is the best player. I'm the best...
  9. skoooolin

    Home for sale includes wife "The real estate agent is auctioning off her Palm Beach Gardens home and herself on both Ebay and Craigslist." this is something tounge twista should look at :lick:
  10. skoooolin

    Diddy Calls Tha Carter 3 A Classic

    9qld7qsuXJQ =O discuss
  11. skoooolin

    kanye west with naked hoes on stage

    his set up looks fuckin sicc .... any one ever see him live ? and thats a shit load of phones :eek: EDIT : those are some dope ass shades
  12. skoooolin

    got a ticket problem ..anyone help ?

    yeeeah i got a speeding ticket.. and i wanna get an extension what site do i go 2 do that and i got the ticket in san jose also .. anyone, help ? :ermm:
  13. skoooolin

    Teenage girl gets jumped on tape

    if only they were naked :confused: naa for real though .. thats fucked up .. she just got smacked around in this tape .. its not the whole thing .. but eh u can see the video here 2 with the article .... it explains it better .. and its...
  14. skoooolin

    how can someone be so cruel ?

    CYBERSPACE -- Joey Passmore is alone. The 14-year-old Internet enthusiast recently lost his cyber-girlfriend and computer soulmate, LUV_U2, and he's not sure how to deal with the confusing new emotions that have begun to stir inside him. "I don't understand," moped Joey. "I gave her my love, my...
  15. skoooolin

    oh wow... even the audience got the question wrong :ermm:
  16. skoooolin

    marilyn manson banging his 19yr old girlfriend in new video?

    The new video for Marilyn Manson’s comeback single ‘Heart-Shaped Glass’ has been causing some controversy. In the promo he has some passionate sex scenes with girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood, but reports indicate that they weren’t acting: they were going at it for real. The shock-rocker has been...
  17. skoooolin

    Window cleaner drowned in bucket

    Mark Fairhurst, 35, of Wigan, Greater Manchester, was found by customer Elizabeth Bebe in June 2006 with his head submerged in water. Bolton Coroner's Court heard that a heart condition caused the collapse but the cause of death was drowning because he had been unable to save himself. The...
  18. skoooolin

    PANTERA Discography

    Alive and Hostile Far Beyond Driven I Am The Night Live:101 Proof Metal Magic
  19. skoooolin

    Carmen Electras Naked Womens Wrestling League

    Spitney Beers blatant exploitation of Carmen Electra’s NWWL to further her singing career has put a foul taste in the Princess-Of-Pain’s mouth. Pain has vowed to put an end to any little bitch’s career that thinks they can use the NWWL as a stepping stone on to bigger and better things. At the...
  20. skoooolin

    James Cameron Found the Tomb Of Jesus and His Family

    I've found the coffin of Jesus, says film director 25.02.07 A Hollywood director will today unveil three coffins he claims were those of Jesus, his mother Mary and his 'wife' Mary Magdalene. James Cameron says he has proof that Jesus married Mary and that she bore him a son, Judah, who was...