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    Chamillionaire Maturing! Grown man shit

    No profanity on the new one. What mainstream artist is doing that now? Those who criticize hip-hop need to start looking at artists like Cham. Think again.:cool:
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    OT: What's wrong with hip-hop...

    my personal opinion... This Jesus Christ this is disturbing.
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    Pimp Killa Thug If his music's anything like his name, then remind me to avoid him like the plague.
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    OT: Buck O'Neil

    Just earned some presidential medal. Too late, in my book. Sooooo many people fucked up on this one. I can't believe that Buck was so overlooked in his life, but when he died everyone loved him. It's just a sad situation. RIP Buck. We loved you. You were Kansas City. You were Every...
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    David Banner, what hip-hop is missing.

    Check out this speech of his. Hip-hop needs more artists and people like Banner. link:
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    Everready on Billboard

    Year: Title: Chart: Peak Position: 2005 Vintage Tech Top Independent Albums 19 2005 Vintage Tech Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums 63 2003 Anghellic Top Independent Albums 46 2002 Absolute Power The Billboard 200 79 2002 Absolute Power Top Independent Albums 3...
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    Xzibit on Letterman

    Dude performed his song "thank you" on Letterman the other night. The song's fuckin amazing. He's on some grown man music. I'm really starting to look forward to his new album. link
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    OT: Buck O'Neil

    Buck O'Neil, the legendary Negro Leagues representative, and Kansas City icon died today. Rest In Peace to a great, wonderful man.
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    Man, i'm just listening to the Come Gangsta song on the sampler. Damn, this song is sick as shit. It goes hard like some calluses.
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    Strange beats

    Just going through my Strange music catalog, and was wondering what you people's favorite beats are on any Strange album, or affiliated albums. Mine- Pakman - Skatterman and Snug Brim - Urban Legendz That beat goes real hard.
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    Houston on BET

    Anybody here catch the special on the Houston scene, recently on BET. I missed it, and was wondering if anybody could possibly post it up. Props
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    Murs on wed. 4/19

    Anybody in the KC/Lawrence area coming to L-town to see the legendary Murs? It's at the pool room (not a great venue) but I'm sure the show is gonna be hype. If you don't have anything better to do, then come support some great hip-hop music.
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    Young Kev update

    Young Kev ever pull through after getting shot earlier on? Anyone got any info.
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    New Fat Tone news Fat Tone's on the major pages. Wrong reason though.
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    On an fti related subject...

    the riaa is taking on right now. I just tried to hit em up and got nothing but a recording industry warning. Music sharing is not music piracy. that is all.
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    I'm showing some ignorance of Southern slang, but what does "chunk a deuce" (or something like that) mean? Just curious.
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    RIP to Richard Pryor

    The amazing, groundbreaking comedian Richard Pryor died Saturday from a heart attack. Put your thoughts with his family. The world lost a wonderful man. Rest in peace.
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    Tech's on Doe's "Big City, Big Dreams." Don't know much about it, but it comes out tomorrow. Thought i'd let ya know.
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    300 bars

    Anyone think they could post a link for this song? I've heard so much about it, but i haven't heard it yet. Thanks.
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    Any f' ing news on when Big Krizz's album is coming out. I know everyone's peeing their pants in anticipation of Tech's album, but I haven't heard shit about Big Krizz. What's Up?