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  1. midwest314

    another preview of the Sinna Row / Doe Boi album "GUTTA SHIT" comin soon..

    yo doe therre anywhere in the city to cop the newest mixtape?
  2. midwest314

    What's up with Lyrikal Warfare?

    you got that cd? i could never get that ish
  3. midwest314

    WORLD PREMIERE Sinna & Doe Boi Feat SamUel - "WORKIN' HER MAGIC"

    this is that shit right here. i need this track. when this shit droppin?
  4. midwest314

    New Street Single From C Money

    beat is heat. and c-money doin his thang 2. reminds me of psycho drama for some reason. shit is hard. u say street single... is there a way to get this track?
  5. midwest314

    TRE SINS REUNION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yo i thought the same damn thing... they actin way 2 coo for there 2 have been real life beef, not some music shit some straight they wanna get at him style shit
  6. midwest314


    nice drop jloc. cool of u to do even tho u got a stalker talkin that bullshit. not into the denver rap myself but seems pretty rare. and to the wize one, what u postin in here to contribute? quit talkin that shit and drop somethin rare and people will be more willing
  7. midwest314

    Advice plz...

    I have been contemplating getting either army of two 40th day or battlefield bad co 2. Anyone suggest one over the other and why? Or maybe a different shooter with good multiplayer/co-op (already have all cods).... Thnx for any info/advice. (Keep in mind I mainly play online after going through...
  8. midwest314

    Any1 use gamefly?

    Any1? Is it worth it? Do they always have the titles available or is it like netflix and sometime u have to wait?
  9. midwest314

    Introducing C Money

    LOL in the video dude did start smackin that guy in the back of the head. thats pretty good shit.
  10. midwest314

    Introducing C Money

    so this guy is so hardcore he had to run to youtube and tell his story? what a fkn clown...
  11. midwest314

    ducci sin...

    any1 got mp3 of this track?
  12. midwest314

    ducci sin...

    this song possesed is fkn unreal man. this that true chi shit my god. hardest song i heard in a long time
  13. midwest314

    SUNNY SIDE UUUUUUP...lil youtube junt

    thats that shit right there. need that album mane... cnt wait 4 that shit
  14. midwest314


    first song i wasnt feelin as much, but that second song is a fkn banger tho mane. ima be bumpin that shit hard up here in the C.O.E./Misawaka area... heater for sure
  15. midwest314

    Say It On Life...

    damn cant get this ish to work. im sure its a heater most are
  16. midwest314

    NEVER of crucial Conflict ??

    yea this that shit right there... i highly doubt his whole shit this tight. I hope it is but Im in doubt, that shit 2 cold
  17. midwest314

    Dont Give Ah ...another off the "One In The Chamber"

    bumpin as usual. that fkn beat is raw as hell
  18. midwest314


    So you run a site wit overpriced chicago rap cds and a free mixtape site?? damn you are ballin lol
  19. midwest314


    #9 on top sellers. title makes you believe it was THE top seller. Props to him tho