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  1. layziemarv

    Looking For These CDs

    i got you, check your pm. sorry for the delay
  2. layziemarv

    Looking For These CDs

    Nowadays man it's all digital sad to say
  3. layziemarv

    Looking For These CDs

    pm me brotha. i think i sold you ampichino - ak47 soundtrack to the streets on ebay a yr ago right?
  4. layziemarv

    Looking For These CDs

    This was my personal copy from years ago. Sold but rest assured its the real deal.
  5. layziemarv

    Looking For These CDs

    bearfootgang, which album lavish d never made copies?
  6. layziemarv

    Looking For These CDs

    Adam, Joe Blow sold brotha. I still have an Ampichino - Da Krazies CD left if still interested...
  7. layziemarv

    Looking For These CDs

    Adam, did you get your order?
  8. layziemarv

    Lazie locz, TG, Shadow - rearview video

    lazie locz got slaps
  9. layziemarv

    RIP Big Cholo

  10. layziemarv


    This weirdo is at it again, these are the new Ebay usernames. Add them to your block bidder list. koad-28 baddied_89 sesti_7823 bri_924983 These were all opened within a month
  11. layziemarv

    Cds And More Links and info on our new auctions

    this seller is coo, he hooked up me years ago with some super rare pennisula titles. support the west bay movement!
  12. layziemarv

    Post You San Diego Rap Collection?

    impressive Sonny!
  13. layziemarv

  14. layziemarv


    flaimm, that is one of the reasons why I use Ebay's Global Shipping because of sh!t like that
  15. layziemarv

    Ebay stuff..

    starting bid pretty high bra, a lot of those go pretty cheap but you do have some gems no doubt
  16. layziemarv

    Lil Raider feat. A-Wax, Shadow- Still

    dope, nice to have kev knocks still makin dem blappers. legends right there
  17. layziemarv

    Felony - Hustlers Ball

    I find this amusing felony hustlers ball | eBay