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    Greedy- I shootz this

    Working on uploading this album
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    Double O- I build machines

    Most of the album is up
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    Double O- I build machines

    Most of the album is up
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    Double O- I build machines

    Most of the album is up
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    Street Stories album

    Got this one uploaded
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    J-killa They Know im a Ridah

    Im currently uploading this album
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    Skee 64 - Half Man Half Amazing

    Im working on uploading this whole album, i have alot of it up. I'll also be uploading more old sac shit, focusing on stuff that isnt on there
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    New Mc Eiht

    Which way iz west Its on Apple music. Im diggin it
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    You aint from the hood if...

    Years ago there was a pretty funny thread like this... You aint from Highlands if... -Youve never seen the body wagon near Ernies -You didnt use to cop albums from the underground -You've ever been driving down Renick wondering why every god damn car on that street has a massive oil leak -You...
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    Young Bo- Lookin Death in the Face

    Can anyone confirm if this ever got pressed on cassette? The album art says CD and cassette, but I cannot find any evidence of the tape ever existing. Ive always only seem cd, as have the people ive asked thus far
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    Best produced Sac album

    As far as classic gfunk/mob/sinister production, what do you guys view as the top produced sac albums? I think most agree that sots had stellar production. What else stands out? Creative Differences- Top 5 album outta Sac imo Ghetto Blues- I feel like this album is slept on 4tray block &...
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    Retrieve old acct

    Is there anyway i can retrieve my old account. I was last active with it in Oct 2003. I have no clue what my email was back then. The account name was Tank Locc. Thanks
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    IS0- 90s Sac rap tapes

    Whats up everyone. Im in search of 90s tapes. I used to frequent this forum alot...over 15 years ago. Life happens, job, kids blah blah blah...... So now im in the process of going back and collecting cassettes again, and my search has led me back here. Im looking for everything from common...