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  1. thizztapher

    JT the BF vs. JDiggs

    Hopefully they can actually set up some type of fight. Don't know if yall have been following the drama, but they're both down to box. Diggs wants to put up $20,000 lol Who do you think would actually come out on top in a 1 on 1? My money would be on Diggs
  2. thizztapher

    Joe Rogan Experience // Lil B

    Anyone on here fuck with the podcast Joe Rogan Experience? For those who sure unaware, Joe Rogan was the original Fear Factor host, comedian and UFC commentator. If you haven't heard his podcast, I'd suggest checking it out, has millions of subscribers. Anyways, he said Lil B wants to be on...
  3. thizztapher

    RIP Jacka shirts?

    Any legit sites selling any? I've only seen fan made stuff online.
  4. thizztapher

    (Any East Coast Rapper) FT. (Any Bay rapper)

    I know the Bay hella fucks with the south vice versa. Do any East coast rappers Fuck with any bay rappers tho? Off top the only one that comes to mind is Cormega/Jacka. Any1 else?
  5. thizztapher

    a theory: Messy Marv is the Bay Areas Michael Jackson

    This is just a theory that I thought of the other day. I know some folks are probably gonna say "who cares" but fuckit. I have a theory that Mess is the bay areas Michael Jackson. No matter what Michael Jackson did, people still loved his music. Through his cases and weird antics of his...
  6. thizztapher

    Which Songs Bump Loudest On Ur System?

    I Know all systems are different depending on what you got in the trunk, but in ur opinion which joints play loudest? Off top I think two of the loudest songs are Hood Stomped Out & the Zestways remix What other ones?
  7. thizztapher

    Fed-X The Mob Made me do it 2??

    Any1 heard this or anything? All new songs? If its got new joints I'll copp it cuz Fed-X iz Dope
  8. thizztapher

    Letter 2 BIG/Gumbo Pot...Same Beat?

    Are these the exact same beats? I was listening 2 Gumbo Pot then heard Letter 2 BIG & was like wtf. R they sampled from something?
  9. thizztapher

    I guess Teargas is dropping this month, supposedly

    Dont Know if anyones read this but if not peep it "The Jacka Talks Prison CD Sales, Forthcoming Album February 20th, 2009 | Author: Jake Paine One of the artists hard at work for an impressionable 2009 is Bay Area talent The Jacka. Having toured with C-Bo and Yukmouth prominently in the...
  10. thizztapher

    Sampled Dope Bay Songs

    What are some good ones that Bay rappers sampled from older music? Excluding mixtapes. this is what I have so far B-Legit - Ghetto Smile Andre Nickatina - The Ave B-Legit - Gotta buy Dope from us The Click - Scandalous Cougnut - The Fugitive The Jacka - Barney (More Crime) E-40 - Seasoned...
  11. thizztapher

    Messy Marv on The 25 Worst Rapper Names of All Time

    I Saw this off yahoo & thot it was funny. He was number 4 "There's really no good way to spin this. If you're so messy that it can be considered your defining characteristic, is that really something to brag about? And if you're really committed to the whole alliteration thing, and using the...
  12. thizztapher

    How come Jacka doesnt Drop a CD with a bigger artist?

    I mean no offense to Berner, Ampachino, Lee Majors or Kel. But why doesnt he do a Cd with someone like Andre Nickatina or someone on a bigger level??
  13. thizztapher

    Best way to Wash Mac Dre/Husalah Shirt

    Whats the best way to wash those shirts with the iron-on Mac Dre picture? & the Free Husalah shirts. I dont want the picture to get messed up.
  14. thizztapher

    What Does DMX have 2 Say about Ghostriding?

    On rapbay it shows him on the Ghostride The Whip dvd. Has anyone seen it?
  15. thizztapher

    Is Fed-X ever gonna put out another CD?

    His "Drug War" cd is hella dope. I think it was on the Mac Mall CD where it said he's supposed 2 put a CD out on Thizz, but we know how that goes. I think Fed-X is hella dope he's just lacking hella CD's compared 2 the other Mob Figaz.
  16. thizztapher

    Matt Blaque or Mike Marhsall?

    Who do you think is better on hooks?
  17. thizztapher

    Has any1 heard A Hustlas Motivation by Messy Marv?

    I hella wanna git it but Rasputins doesnt have it yet. I just heard some stuff off his myspace. It sounds hella coo tho
  18. thizztapher

    Why Didnt Dubee host a scene on Treal TV 2?

    Just curious. But im kinda assuming he dropped out last minute since J-diggs hosts 2 segments.
  19. thizztapher

    Dont believe BAVGATES myspace promotions

    Ok Bavgate posted a bulletin saying if you bought his CD he would mail you a custom made t-shirt. So my cuddy bought the CD but never gotta shirt. Recently Bavgates myspace said if you bought a CD package you might win a Watch... So I had 2 Call him on it. Heres what happend: "Hello Chris...
  20. thizztapher

    How tha hell do you roll a BACKWOOD?

    I got one then tried to unwrap it but its hella dry and shit. Is there a secret to it or something. Someone list some steps. I hella wanna try it cuz I never have before.