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    New A-Wax....Been on Dat!

    Shit is straight fire!!!
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    A-Wax - Pushin Keyz

    I just got this album last night. I think it's fuckin fire! This might be his best album so far in my opinion. What do you guys think?
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    A-wax Everlasting Money

    Bought the new album. Fuckin fire! Great production! Favorite songs so far are... smoke alone Could've been strugglin Tried as an adult
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    Best dispensary in SF?

    I will be in the bay area for the weekend and I am looking to find the best spot possible. Please let me know what are your opinions on the best places to go thanks.
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    Nightmare Gang

    Im surprised there's not more talk on here about this cd. It's bangin! Tight ass production and all rappers come tight on it! Damn, Non Stop and A-wax are a great combo. Don't sleep!
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    Brick Squad Monolpoly (Frenchie, Bakery Brad & A-WAX) new song/video "Street Life"

    Brick Squad Monolpoly (Frenchie, Bakery Brad & A-WAX) new song/video "Street Life" Dope! Off the Nightmare gang mixtape coming soon. Frenchie (Feat. Wooh Da Kid, Bakery Brad & A-Wax) - Street Life (Official Video) - YouTube
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    Remember the group Closed Caption?

    They were fuckin dope! Had that classic CD on dogday records. I remember they got busted selling weed back in the day. Are they still rappin these days?
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    A-WAX--Jesus Malverde

    Is this still coming out on Tuesday? If so, why the lack of promotion for it? When is that Wax and Hootie cd coming out if it still is?
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    A-Wax & YG Hootie- Interstate Trafficking???

    Any word on when this album is dropping? I heard it was supposed to be in December.
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    A-WAX Presents Pie-rx Muzik

    I'm feelin this cd. To me, it's much better than Everybody Loves Me.What are your guys favorite songs on the cd? My favorites are.... Never Gotta HomeTown No Planz Who Shot Ya Aint Real Kold War Bail Money Compass RealOne Lil Mama I'm sorry
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    A-WAX- Everybody Loves me-Volume 2

    Any idea when this is coming out? I heard by the end of the year, but I'm starting to wonder if that will happen.
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    New A-WAX music?

    Any word on when any of his new shit is coming out?
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    Illburn Anthem (A-Wax, Gonzoe, Dior & Chynk Show)

    Here's another dope ass song a lot of you haven't ever heard. This is one of my favorite A-WAX/Illburn tracks of all time...."Illburn Anthem"
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    iB Lyfe cd (Illburn Records)

    I just got this cd on iTunes yesterday and it's pretty dope overall. I wasn't even aware that it was out yet. I just wanted to give you all a heads up that it's available on iTunes & Amazon. Dope! Name Artist Time Price 1 Hometown 6FO & E-9 4:15 2 Don't Grab Me A-Wax & KG 3:13...
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    Beef with gonzoe?

    Just saw on facebook....what happened?
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    When will those videos be done? Neva Grow, Kriminal & On My Grind

    What's the word on those videos....?
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    A-Wax and Gonzoe interview in Ozone magazine! They make a good team together....good to hear they are working on album #2. I hear they are featured in the upcoming Murder Dog magazine too.....
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    When will Recession Proof be on iTunes?????? I would have ordered the album on urbantunes had I know it wasn't on there on the 10th. Any other sites have it for digital download?
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    New A-WAX TV Episode 5 now up...
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    Burgandy Van on Itunes?

    When will it be on there....??