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  1. L.D.S.

    Strangeulation II - "We Just Wanna Party" Tech N9ne x Rittz x Darrien Safron

    Strangeulation II - "We Just Wanna Party" Tech N9ne x Rittz x Darrien Safron Z_7QG5XZSbQ The biggest takeaway from Instagram is Safron is a newly signed artist on Strange. I'm not terribly excited, as his particular RnB sound doesn't appeal, even to the bitch in me.
  2. L.D.S.

    Prozak x Ubiquitous x MadChild - The Plague

    PjYp30KvlsM Proz' flow is so different, it makes me wonder if MadChild wrote it. Regardless, I love the new track. It has a bit of an East coast vibe, and sounds like Bun B a little.
  3. L.D.S.

    Kutt shooting on Tech's influence in Kansas City

  4. L.D.S.

    Current LIVE deals

    I gotta re-Up my Live account. Who's got deals on a year?
  5. L.D.S.

    MURS - The Strangest

    HAWT 7UtIYJ-Rr5E
  6. L.D.S.

    The best small breed dog? Need some help

    I'm thinking of getting a dog. I need a companion. It's got to be under 30 pounds. Codependency is cool as long as the dog is chill otherwise, and being social is cool, too. What kinda dogs my Sicc brehthren got? What yall recommend?
  7. L.D.S.

    Question regarding Big Scoob "Dope Talk" albums

    Did he ever release all three? I'm looking on the SM website, and all I can see is only volume one.
  8. L.D.S.

    Tech on RapFix (2/5/14)

    He's going on live in a few minutes.
  9. L.D.S.

    Tech responds to Kendrick Lamar line

  10. L.D.S.

    Crooked I - Let Me Get It (feat. Tech N9ne)

    Is out there. Pretty hard song.
  11. L.D.S.

    Iron Man 3 post-release discussion

    ...Spoiler territory for you that haven't seen it yet... What are your thoughts on the movie? I really liked the Extremis angle. It's the closest we'll ever get to a bona fide "mutant" in The Avengers(Disney) world, so I can handle it. The biggest thing for me was the fact that the movie...
  12. L.D.S.

    Peter Jackson(the rapper) feat. Krizz Kaliko - Fresh Start

    Pretty good song. I found it by accident on Spotify. Kali just sings. It's nice. Look it up.
  13. L.D.S.

    Comin' Thru - 816 Boyz - Iowa State Cyclones theme song
  14. L.D.S.

    Kutt Calhoun - Kelvin EP

    Well, it's so refreshing to see the other guy on the label getting as much attention as the rest... oh, wait, he's not. His EP pre-order info showed up the day it was available to purchase, and there was little to no coverage on the SM blog site home page. With that out of the way, it's...
  15. L.D.S.

    Ces Cru - Klick Clack Bang(video)

    jjWNPWOxJlk So sick.
  16. L.D.S.

    "Top Gun" Director Tony Scott dead due to apparent suicide

    We’re shocked to learn tonight that Tony Scott, the brother of Ridley Scott and the director of films such as The Hunger, Top Gun, and True Romance, died today at the age of 68 due to an apparent suicide. Sources report that Scott leapt from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro at 12:35pm...
  17. L.D.S.

    JL of BHood "Brain Scatter" album feat. Tech and Kutt
  18. L.D.S.

    Tech N9ne - Blur (Re-Produced)
  19. L.D.S.

    200 Threads per page?

    WTF, mate? (Jake Numbers voice)