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  1. swoop187

    MEGA RARE Chicago/Milwaukee G-Funk & West Coast G-Funk For Sale

    What's up? perhaps some of you remember me from back in the day when I used to sell a lot on here (2010 ish).... Well, I don't listen to much rap or collect CD's anymore but I still have a lot of my old CD's. They've been sitting in the closet for several years now, and I'm not doing anything...
  2. swoop187

    Low on posters eh?

    Why is that? oh yeah because half of posters here have no freedom to post their minds.... Po-po will be in their ass... Obama is so great tho eh? He gave the rest of the world the right to regulate the internet... So much for the supporters nigger fascist president? eh?
  3. swoop187


    Strange land with strange shit... I suppose everyone is either dead, in prison or has grown up and only a few of you been sticking to this shit?
  4. swoop187

    Yo're gitting rriffed off seems funn,

    Four your own "bootleg" nonsense what does that exactly mean? Is there any legitimate criteria to back that assertion" or is it highly subjective? US Citizens in the UK damn weal right that when a cat sells his cds out of the trunk they're OG's - even more than that but first pressing (befeore...
  5. swoop187

    you bay motherfuckers cant even make your own original sound Just thought I would share after listening to all of this "stuff"
  6. swoop187

    CD requests

    Wanted Lists.. I used to just pluck rares when I saw them at used cd shops.. If the quantity is large enough I'll just send my list to my local mom & pop stores so I don't have to do the legwork... All I ask is that CD's wanted have to be at least 30+ in cash sale value (meaning I'm not...
  7. swoop187

    Selling my whole collection/invantory as a lot.

    'm selling all my cds (350 bucks) rares included... I just don't listen to them anymore and have no use for them. I got a large cd book + a 2OO (or maybe 3OO) cd spindle full of underground Chicago stuff and Bay Classics (same shit in my book).. Outside of the Bay classics the majority is...
  8. swoop187

    Fat 4 Life - Milwaukee

    What does that go for sealed?
  9. swoop187

    2 more titles that I have at 7 each.

    Its your typical Mac Mall, Mac & AK, Cellski, Messy Marv etc.. There is a shit ton on this cats album... Thing is he doesn't cuss but he is still dope none the less - gangsta. I'll post some audio samples of his shit tomorrow or maybe tonight.
  10. swoop187

    Has anyone bought a cd then...

    I don't know if this belongs in this forum but has anyone ever bought a sealed cd and then opened it and found and entirely different cd in the case? This has happened to me 3 times. I got lucky once, I opened a Loki cd and found a GAN faithful to the streets inside. The interesting part about...
  11. swoop187

    Chicago/Milwaukee rares with pics.

    Sorry for the photography, I didn't want to photograph everything I have, but here are a few samples. Thats Kev Green & 420 Outlaws - Green House ENT 2002 - the OG from Racine Wisconsin not that 2005 crap you get off CD baby. That is Flawless - "Ballin' Quick". That's a mega rare. That...
  12. swoop187

    Bootlegs vs OG's

    One of the things that pissess' me off is the difference bewtween is the difference between a bootleg and a OG..... I know there are plenty of bootleged cds out there, but at the same time there are many artists who make dope music, but don't have the means or the money to professionally get...
  13. swoop187

    How am I NOT on the legit list?

    I've only done Tens of Thousands of dollars selling and likewise buying and trading. Beyond Sincere I'm without question #2 (of the remaining cats) that has sold the most, bought the most and traded the most... I don't have that mans inventory, but I'm without question am a legitimate...
  14. swoop187

    Looking for OG memphis tapes.

    -Tommy Wright III -Riverside Clique - 196 Clique - Snubnose - DJ Zirk - Lil Fly (playa fly) - Manson Family - Criminal Maine - Mr. Tinimaine - Tom Skeemask - DJ Paul or J mixtapes It really doesn't matter. I want OG's tho. I'm also interested in the reprinted CD remastered versions as well...
  15. swoop187

    Underground Chicago CD's for $7-$10 each

    I have too many CD's and I really just want to get rid of them. Here are just a few of the names from Chicago/Milwaukee DJ NK do you know? Smokey da bandit Armegeddon Flawless Kev Green Money Tight Records Damon Da Don QP 108 La Familia LC Under investigation records - contact. Red Nuiqee...
  16. swoop187

    For sale or trade

    I have a cd book full of rares, from chicago to the bay to the dirty south. Many are rare, and if they're not they're classics. I don't want cd's in exchange (unless its a mega rare)... what I want is mixers, x-box or sports cards - preferably baseball and Hockey cards. I'm still padding the...
  17. swoop187

    Cool C - Life In The Ghetto autograph. Cover, linernotes and CD are all autographted.

    The CD has some play 1-10 I would give it a 10. It's a promo cd, autographed by "Cool C"
  18. swoop187

    Cool C - Life In The Ghetto autograph. Cover, linernotes and CD are all autographted.

    The CD has some play 1-10 I would give it a 8. It's a promo cd, autographed by "Cool C"
  19. swoop187

    Page1 & Bigg Patt - Showtime NOLA info would be appreciated

    I know my stuff but this CD has me baffled. I can't find anything on the internet about the cd, I know it's from NOLA, and if I remember correctly I saw one go on ebay several years go for 100+ I would really like more information on this cd if anyone has any - I personally like the cd - it's...
  20. swoop187

    Chicago & Milwaukee Mega Rares

    I got some mega rares for sale from Chicago and Milwaukee. PM me if you have any requests or offers. Thanks. Free shipping to the US but 10.00 for Europe. I have more than these (30-40), however, I will be progressively adding to the list over the weekend. I just have to go through and see...