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    The Bay on TRL yesterday

    I flipped through channels yesterday and I heard Go Dumb and hella people dancing and the Federation were talking. Sway was like "Is Hyphy going to be the next Crunk?" Then Big Von was talking Then Sway was like I wanna say whats up to Keak da Sneak because E-40 said he made up Hyphy or...
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    Does anybody have any info on a Harmain album In Harm's Way? I been digging just about every Harmain appearance, beat anything for years now While we're at it, what's your favorite Harm voice Mines, Steady mobbin- In the paper "Yeah" "Wooooo" "Murda"
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    New audio post

    How's bout everybody who can post audio do it on this thread The shit I cant find on Northern-ridaz Quinn- Dont find out the hard way turf talk- the soil Messy- Hypnotiq Frontline/Ea-ski- What is it any special shit
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    Messy Marv- Disobayish

    the new cover is sick as fuck- I dont think you can make a siccer cover than that right there he's got a 50 diss too... wanna hear that shit! When can I swoop this up?
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    Mac Dre presents Sumthin Terrible

    Stupid knock right here. Thizz ent. does it again this CD is fire ... Chuck Beez and Sauce got em Best songs: 1-Deebo feat Mac Dre 2-Catastrophy feat. Mac Dre 3- Heather Hunter 4-Thizzilmatic feat. Huslah, B.A 5- Shiesty,Shady,Crooked 6-Liquor Store 7-Wild feat. Rydah, Miami 8- forgot the name...
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    151 new album

    how is it? tracklisting? 151 tell me what's the new bangin song on that album (the one with the fig's huh?) I cant wait for this next week! I've beed spending a lot of money lately on the bay and this is my next swoop 4 sure... What other album you got dropping that day? What's up with that...
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    Rydah- Fly Gangsta is Knockin

    Production is solid, flows are ridiculous.... Go out and cop!!!!
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    Best newer CD's right now

    I dont know about how old it is but the Concrete Music comp. is knockin! Traxx! super producer imo The Jacka/Pete Erupt song should be on the radio... ------------- Bueno! This album got heaters... Hella apperances and Gold Fingers knocks (He did Farm Boys which had slap)... Fuck with the...
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    New Hollowtip

    It's good.... Double disc, should've been reduced to 1 disc though... But theres some good knocks..... Produced by Pale Soul and Baby Bubb mostly... But 2 from Sean T and Kreep and one from Mike Mosely, Crazy 8 and Hollis each. The intro is tight "Why" w/ AP.9- they spit some super real shit...
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    E-40's party!!!!!!! Yeah

    They had it in my area... They were at the Clayton Bowl just perkin... Good to meet 40 and D-Shot is real cool.... shit it's still crackin now I cant believe it, me and all my folks were hyphe
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    Daz and JT - LB 2 Fillmoe collectors edition

    Damn why didnt anyone tell me they're were different songs on this??? SHIT KNOCKS! I thought it was like a re-issue I'll trade someone my OG copy for this email down below
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    Ugh Woodie flipped him a nice cover!!!!

    look at this!!!! i dont really listen to dude but....
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    I take it back about MAC DRE

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    Whats next to drop?

    on WCM
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    New Mac Dre

    I'm worried about this.... Is it all Syko production??? Because that Mac Dammit shit was horrible IMO.... Who got it? When's the release date? Tracklisting? Features?
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    Who got it? I got it? You want it? Come get it?

    I got it #4 "Kriminal" with Hollow and Mac Shawn and Fed-X is the one... Fed came so tight on there.... shit they all do "It's all Tremendous" also the Cellski A-Wax and Messy cut, "Who got it" is bangin.... "Who hates the game who applaud it" That beat is hard... "Im on the turf with a...
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    A cd thrown back into the rotation

    Ballin ass Dame All about Papers quite possibly is the hardest song ever Great features (Luni, X-Raided, Hollow, C-Bo, Cellski) and solid hollis production never liked it until now
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    Mike Mosley/Ric Rock movie/sdtk.

    I got a flyer for this... "One Day" motion picture sdtk. feat. TQ, Daz, Yukmouth, C-Bo, Sean T, Soopafly, Killa Tay, B-Legit, Cognito, Lurch, Chopah, Luni Coleone, Phantom, JT, Hennessey ?
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    Mac and AK

    Damn I musta been sleepin... I really never peeped these cats other than that one cut with Mall I think but after hearing the track on A-Wax shit I must say these cats really do got heat... I been sleepin Mac laced a knockin beat on that shit
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    AP.9- World Wide Mob Figa

    AP.9 and Out break records just dropped this one July 23rd. AP.9 is a member of the Mob Figaz and personally to me is the tightest... He has extreme passion and incredible delivery. World Wide Mob Figa features: Luni Coleone, Hollowtip, T-Nutty, Rydah, Mitchy Slick, Nutty Professor and I-Rocc...