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    Lul G from SOB x RBE arrested for Vallejo Homicide

    He was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada and transported to Solano County jail in Fairfield, California awaiting trail. He is currently signed to Def Jam Records as a solo artist.
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    San Jose rap scene

    Give me some San Jose/South Bay rappers.
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    Is San Francisco's rap scene ever going to come back?

    The 90s and early 2000s were a great era in San Francisco rap, but it fizzled out. Will it ever come back?
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    i think daly city produces the softest people in the bay area

    i was at the serramonte mall and this dude came up and said i was eyeing his girl which is weird because i literally didn't even see him or his girl and then he just stared at me and said if he sees me again i'm done for and then he sees me like 3 more fucking times and just looks away... what...
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    List of Bay Area Rappers who are lie about their hometowns

    Iamsu: Claims to be from Richmond, really from Pinole. G-Eazy: Claims Oakland, really from Berkeley. Messy Marv: Claims San Francisco, really from Concord/Pittsburg Joe Blow: Claims Oakland, really from Antioch Kool John: Claims Richmond, really from Hercules Kreayshawn: Claims Oakland...
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    Why hasn't Richmond contributed more the Bay Area's Hip Hop scene?

    Cities like Vallejo have left a huge footprint. Richmond and Vallejo are very similar cities. Why hasn't Richmond had a similar impact?
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    What's your opinion on ALLBLACK?

    Title says it all.
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    Why did the death of the Jacka help lift Pittsburg up like Mac Dre's did Vallejo?

    I'm into Bay Area Hip Hop, and what I find fascinating about the Bay is how certain cities remain relevant, while others never get their shot. Pittsburg has been bubbling under the Bay Area rap radar for a long time. I figured since the Jacka died, Pittsburg would blow up just like how Mac Dre's...
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    San Francisco's rap scene is dead.

    The current stars of the Bay Area rap scene are Oakland and Vallejo. Sacramento is doing big things nowadays too, despite not being the Bay Area, they're right next door. I also predict Antioch is going to emerge as an influential city in the Bay's rap landscape. What do you think? Also do you...
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    What cities do you consider to be the Bay Area?

    a friend thinks San Jose is not the bay...
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    Just saw Vice's Bay Area Noisey documentary... and they left out hella Bay cities!

    Where's Richmond, Pittsburg, EPA and San Jose? What the fuck? The only cities they really showed was San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Vallejo. For those who haven't seen it
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    Where the fuck is Roach Gigz?

    What happened? I was certain he was going to blow up, and then nothing...
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    Vallejo has contributed more to the Bay's/Nor Cal's Hip Hip scene than any other city

    This is a fact. If Vallejo disappeared, there goes almost all of the Bay's legends, as well as most of the new guys. E40, Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Celly Cell, Baby Bash, Nef The Pharaoh, SOB X RBE. It's undeniable. I'm not even from Vallejo, but I was thinking about it, and for a city of its size, its...
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    Is Young T.O. dissing South Sacramento?

    Someone told me this. Any truth to it?