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    Rip SYKO

    RIP Syko
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    2 new Sky Balla albums

    Validated and Omerta he's got a couple slappers on both, its just good to see him back active. hypci56UQMU fxbm4ndCCTI XyCnAgi0eks
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    Freddie Gibbs - Crushed Glass [Video]

    Dope. I can't wait for the new shit to drop
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    RIP DJ Crazy Toones

    I'm sure by now most of you have heard Crazy Toones passed away on Monday. He was WC's younger brother, part of the Maad Circle and Ice Cube's tour DJ. A real West Coast legend. R.I.P.
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    When is Rich The Factor gettin out of jail?

    Word on the street is he's out now
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    Coolio Da Unda Dogg - Rest In Peace Mac Dre

    7ncZmy9inYI RIP to Mac Dre 11 years to the day
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    RIP Tuff Da Goon

    Just saw 40 post this on facebook. Said he died of a heart attack.
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    Bizzy Bone on B-Reals Smokers Box

    good shit, B-Real had that boy Bizzy smoked out coughin and chokin
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    J-Diggs - Rompaugraphy

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    That's the same thing I was thinkin
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    ^^ yeah I think he went with the quantity over quality formula, each disc usually has like 1 or 2 standout tracks
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    Freeze - Freon

    I was feelin this one Freeze and Bossi are on there game, gotta be fuckin wit Amp he's one of the hardest goin
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    New Rich The Factor releases... help with

    guess he learned how to do it like that from JT LOL
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    damn thats fucked up besides Rich, Sliccs was the tightest one on MFR RIP
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    Smoke A Lot Radio

    I heard the show from last week with Philthy and Mess anybody know how I can hear the new shit?
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    Hows tha new Rich the Factor?

    not related to the topic but can anybody tell me what Rich song is sampled on Skiem's song Bacc on the Briccs
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    who gonna shine in the midwest this summer ?

    Rich the Factor
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    Messy Marv and Duna - Vallesko ??

    anybody have some info on this ? saw it on cduniverse with a release date of 7-21-09
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    who the best in chicago right now?

    Cayex Illah put out a pretty good one called " Nothin But Profit"