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    The Alex Smith era is over!!!!

    Thank you so much Troy Smith for being a man and a QB we can count on for the near future.
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    Anyone own baseball jerseys?

    The MLB site has authentic giant jerseys with sizes in numbers like 40, 44, 48 etc. I normally wear large shirts with some xl's depending on the brand. Do these jerseys fit big or what? Im thinking bout getting a 48 bit not sure cus it might fit hella big
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    Microsoft Kinect

    I know there is another leaked thread but heres some new real info from engadget. This info was from a MS press conference tonight. You knew it was coming, right? Hot on the heels of getting leaked a wee bit early Microsoft has made official the rebadging of a device desperately seeking a...
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    The new Golden State Warriors Logo

    supposedly this is the offical new logo and colors for the warriors. since damon bruce decides to break the new on facebook. heres the facebook link with a description about it and larry riley is attending the draft lotto rep...
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    Playstation 3 slim power cord replacement

    where can i get a power cord replacement for my ps3 slim. i can only find the fat ps3 cord which dont fit the slim power slots. is there anywhere online or bestbuy or some shit?
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    New Rich The Factor releases... help with

    thanks man, So no new songs? just the snippets taken off and put together onto one cd. where those collectors editions of its water to whales with his signatures any different either?
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    your room

    whats the deal with your room. is it always messy and dirty or always organized and clean. how often do you clean shit off the ground. how often do you make your bed? do you vaccuum your shit often? my shit is mad dirty right now. i havent really cleaned it good for like a month or so. i...
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    New Rich The Factor releases... help with

    so is this the same cd/dvd as this ??
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    New Rich The Factor releases... help with

    lol, just searched and it was bucks over fame 2. but anyone know if that whales orcastrated is the same just has a new cover?
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    New Rich The Factor releases... help with

    I was going to order some rich the factor cds online today, since his new one just dropped. the its cobbler to mobsters. then there is corporate tunnel 2. I swore there was a 3rd that came out in between those or right around the time and its not on rapkc or rapbay. so can anyone name the...
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    Free Xbox Avater BBQ Grill Prop

    nothing major but something for free. 9XBX9-9RCD9-9BCK9-9PRTY-9RCKZ works for everyone
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    Never seen this before

    its old but i always knew that sean salisbury was fired from espn for calling john clayton the cryptkeeper, i serached youtube and it wasnt on there, espn probably had it pulled but i found it on another site. its pretty funny.
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    Kornheiser suspended 2 weeks for comments

    lol, he went hard at Hannah Storm He said: "Hannah Storm in a horrifying, horrifying outfit today. She's got on red go-go boots and a catholic school plaid skirt. Way too short for somebody in her 40s or maybe early 50s by now. And she's got on her typically very, very tight shirt. So she...
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    Everyone does it, but where?

    Clip your fingernails. I usually cut them outside in my backyard in the summer so i dont have to worry about cleaning them up and stepping on them. i started cutting them in my room in the winter but ill always not find one on the ground and step on it a few days later. and i hate crouching...
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    Stephen Curry in 3 Point Contest

    Stephen Curry will reportedly join Danilo Gallinari and Channing Frye in the three-point contest. Curry's teammate Anthony Morrow had also hoped to be in the contest. lets go Warriors. get Morrow in the contest too.
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    Dumbass Lip style Ring

    wtf this shit is retarded.
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    for Rich The Factor fans.....Q 'bout "Business Man"

    it has a tracklisting, i got it just not right now. it originally was a 2 in one cd. the first 7 or 8 songs was rich the factor, businessman and the last 8 songs were rush's cd. they were on the same single cd. they re-released it once then they re-released it again with that cover thats...
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    $30 xbox live subscription

    at right now. free shipping, no tax. good deal.
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    Newly Born Sheep has Human Face

    that shit is weird as hell and it has sheep ears
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    Play Tetris in First Person

    this game is crazy as hell and gave me a headache