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  1. DODE

    Joe Blow - RIP Jacka

  2. DODE

    Roach Gigz Jacka tribute

  3. DODE

    The Jacka Ft. Laroo X iAMSU - Ima Tell You (video)

  4. DODE


    @Gabe505 lock this stupid thread plz, and any other thread like this that killer Taylor makes in the future.
  5. DODE

    nurento VS surtenyo in LA fight

  6. DODE

    Tell me why u mad son

    And now he's publicly threatening to beat up @AP9 because he thought the awax to jacka tribute song was dope. This nigga need to get laid and go on a vacation or something .
  7. DODE

    A-wax - rest in peace to jacka

    Wasn't sure so I just posted a link to it. If anyone knows how to do it I'll edit the post and embed the player
  8. DODE

    A-wax - rest in peace to jacka
  9. DODE

    Most legit article about the jacka

    After reading all these bullshit articles from people that didn't really know him and made speculations from a distance. Finally a legit article that hits home and goes more in depth about jacka and who he really was. How Jacka became a hip-hop giant, inspired the downtrodden - San Francisco...
  10. DODE

    Cash from Money Gang was shot... RIP

  11. DODE

    Cookie Money??

    This subject has been discussed on siccness before. And the conclusion was that cookie money's music is horrendous.
  12. DODE

    radio stations playing bay shit

    As most yall know chuy gomez new station 105.7/100.7 occasionally plays some bay shit. But today I was randomly Flippin thru stations and found a new one I never heard before . 102.1 and they was playing str8 bay shit for a coo min. They played mac mall, dru down, luniz, e40, keak, spice 1 and...
  13. DODE

    tay capone B like

    We ain't cut from the same cloth. so that means we caint make a quilt together cuhz.
  14. DODE

    2015 Ford F-150

    If you buy a ford truck while driving a mustang while talking on your iPhone while wearing your new Jordan's you're a fanboy :D
  15. DODE

    New iPhone

    Lol not directed toward you shea. You already know I'm just trolling.
  16. DODE

    @tay capone 3

    Killa tay's medicinal boombox. Instantly healing braindead rappers since 2001
  17. DODE


    As a person that likes locksmiths music and thinks he's very talented and has the skill, wasn't feeling this. I mean it's different and it'll reach to a different crowd but he's much better than this. Come on lock. Bring the bay back.
  18. DODE


    Reece loc and crazy locs album would be dope