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    MC Hammer - Too Tight CD release?

    Trade what? I don't got the Makaveli x Daz if that's what you meant. If you got a want list, I can check it out.
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    Is there a way to block accounts?
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    R.I.P. Tito B

    🙏 RIP Tito B from the VGD 🙏
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    MC Hammer - Too Tight CD release?

    Oh OK, thought it was Daz or something 😆 I remember he was selling those Makaveli x Daz CD's for Hella money at first, so guess I can't blame you. Think you might be the only 1 selling it online right now.
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    MC Hammer - Too Tight CD release? Is this even a legit cd-r release? Dude's been trying to get $400-$500 for it. I had it on my watch list n he sent me an offer to buy for $400, I counter offered for $5 n then he counter offered back to $500 🤣
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    Damn sky balla , you done now

    Any updates on the case? I know he was out after this happened.
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    Shot 2001 movie

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    Lazy-Boy Official Thread

    AKA Latino gang, think he even added that to the tat.. Looks better IMO, and should help clear any confusion for the don't knows...? Heard the L to the forehead joke all the way back in the 90's, so I knew he opened himself up to be made fun for that and of course it can be nerds or I think most...
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    I wonder how true this book is?
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    What are audio cassettes worth ?

    I see freshly released ones going for up to $15, but can go as low as $5.
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    Lazy-Boy Official Thread

    Imagine an taking an L and tatting it on your forehead, I'm playing. Really tho Lazy, a big L on the forehead of all places? This younger generation is on some other shit, but respect to the homeboy.
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    Looking for Chicago / Illinois rap cds, cassettes, mixtapes, etc.

    Oh wow, I always wondered about their first rumored album. Did some quick research and saw a song from No Love uploaded. My impression of 6 Million Wayz 2 Die is that is was a demo or underground tape they came out with before Picture This, but I gotta check into that some more.
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    Lazy-Boy Official Thread

    Females like his music, but I don't mind some of it.
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    Who has Bay Area Rap posters for sale?

    If we got the same first name you might want my Speedy Loc - Still Cali Thuggin' haha, cuzz it has personal autographs from Lil Coner n Bugsy. I got Northern Ghetto Boys. I gotta see if I got some put away.
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    Big Rome droppin truth

    He might be on something, and/or onto something. Why he gotta be a Trump supporter, cuzz he acknowledged something Trump has done or what? I mean some of what he said is true.
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    Mr. Doctor BOMBAY/Brotha Lynch Hung LOADED PROMO TAPE Black Market Records 1997

    Were you the 1 who uploaded it? Can't find any uploads on YT..
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    Looking For These CDs

    In think you meant to respond to me, thanks. I'm going to assume that MWR releases are legit then. There's some other companies re-releasing stuff too, so I might make a thread.
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    Cash Money Lavish D ▪ Donald Oliver, Prince Dreda & Bank'd ENT.

    Did Baby really offer him a deal? He even made his album look like an old CMB album cover
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    Lil Wyno - N-Terlude

    What's the chorus say right before it cuts off? I feel like I should know this 1, but heard to hear it w/Kee talking over it.